New Photos on Canvas Art from Dante Gems Portrait Painting Artists - Virtually Indestructible Fine Art at Introductory Prices

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Dante gemstone art at is a new way for craftsmen to create paintings from photos. It’s the answer traditional oil portrait painting artists have been looking for to make photos on canvas art stand the test of time.

Dante Gems™ just announced special introductory price offers to its new customers (20% less than usual prices). For people who like to stand out, portrait professionals at Dante Gems™ will turn any photo into painting made entirely out of precious and semi-precious gemstones. It’s considered by many a luxurious and unique way to preserve the image, as well as being a remarkable point of conversation – something to be marveled at and admired for many centuries to come.

Craftsmen at Dante Gems™ say: “Gemstone art is the new exclusive way to own a one-of-a-kind hand painted portrait, and the best thing of all is that these pieces are virtually indestructible. Unlike traditional oil paintings from photos, this evolutionary technique enables artists to convert photo to painting in a much faster fashion without compromising on picture quality or durability at all.” More information is available over

History has shown us that hand-painted art can’t stand the test of time, even if it was painted by the masters. Numerous masterpieces created by famous portrait painters and artists have been destroyed or nearly destroyed throughout the course of history thanks to floods, fires and explosions. Hundreds others fell victim to their own fragility.

Among the handful of Italian works that just barely survived disaster is Leonardo da Vinci’s famous The Last Supper. Yet da Vinci has no one to blame but himself when it comes to the destruction of the painting—well, almost. When he created the artwork, da Vinci thought it would be a good idea to experiment and use a non-traditional style of painting. Unfortunately, the method he used hasn’t stood the test of time like some other works of art from the same period.

Artists have been working since the 16th century to keep The Last Supper from deteriorating as the paint keeps curling up and cracking. The colors on this particular piece of art are also much more washed out compared to when they were originally created. The painting’s near miss with a bomb in 1943 didn’t help either. Art historians feel it is undoubtedly a miracle that The Last Supper is still able to be enjoyed by art patrons today.

Another near miss involved Cimabue’s Crucifix, which has undergone painstaking restoration since it was severely damaged by mud and rising floodwaters in 1966 in Florence’s Great Arno Flood. Nonetheless, all the restoration efforts in the world couldn’t bring it back to its former glory. It still shows signs of damage, although it is back on display.

Dante Gems™ artists who spend their days putting a photo on canvas art share these reasons gemstone painting will stand the test of time better than a regular painting on canvas:

1). The colors of gems don’t fade over time as long as the image is kept out of direct sunlight.

2). Ordinary oil paintings have another inevitable problem - they become dark if they are kept out of the light, but gemstone art won’t.

3). There is no need for complex humidity and temperature controls to keep the art safe.

4). Gems and the crystal mica base they are set on don’t absorb moisture. Consequently, they don’t warp, crack, or peel.

5). No two gemstone paintings are the same because it's impossible find the same crystals again. However, skilled artists can make copies of oil painting from photographs that are so good it’s impossible to tell that they are indeed fake.

To celebrate their recent expansion online, Dante Gems™ is currently offering limited time special introductory prices to its website subscribers (and up to 15% additional discount if order placed before Christmas 2011).

About Dante Gems™

Anyone interested in this relatively new trend of fine art can visit to see how they make gem art. According to Dante Gems™ craftsmen, they make dazzling works of art unlike anything most people have seen. Whether it’s a simple landscape deco art painting from photo or intricate family/wedding anniversary portraits, millions of gemstones are used to create a truly handmade, contemporary masterpiece for homes with class.

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