Cage Fighter, the Movie Released for Pay Per View

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Award-winning producer/director, Tom Monson announced the world-wide release to pay-per-view of The Cage Fighter, the Movie. The film that goes behind the scenes of cage fighting and MMA to explore why the popularity of this questionable sport is growing so rapidly. Monson claims this movie is one of the most comprehensive documentaries on the subject and when people see what the cage fighting is really about, they may change their attitudes.

The Cage Fighter, the Movie has been released to the general public via Veteran film maker, Tom Monson looks at the sport from behind the scenes to help viewers understand why these people fight.

“At first, I didn’t want to make this film. The mental picture I had about cage fighting was barbaric. You know, all the blood and violence. But when I began my research, I learned there was a lot more to the sport than I first believed.” Monson explained.

Cage fighting, also called mixed martial arts (MMA) combines several forms of martial arts including boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, karate, jiu-jitsu, and others. Often confused with tough-man-brawl-style fighting, the roots of the sport date back to the 648 BC Olympics.

“It’s not as dangerous as I initially thought. I compared MMA with boxing and found in MMA there were no deaths where boxing has had nearly a 1,000 since 1900. This was a surprise.” Monson added.

The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts have been adopted by all state athletic commissions in the United States. These rules regulate the sport and go a long way to protect the fighter.

“When I saw the dedication of these fighters, I got real interested. It didn’t take long for me to realize cage fighting was a great way to help build character.” Monson said.
There are hundreds of training centers in the US that offer a place to train, practice, and get coaching. The coaches help fighters perfect their techniques. One the average, a typical cage fighter trains about three to four hours a day. The training involves building up stamina with running and other cardio exercises. In order to succeed, a fighter has to live the lifestyle of an athlete.

“After I learned about the sport, I became really excited about sharing what I had learned. I believe it has already overtaken the popularity of boxing and soon it will be the premiere sport in America. The film’s reviews are all positive. People who watch it have changed their views about cage fighting.” Monson explained.

The popularity of this sport is growing exponentially among men 18-34. Surprisingly, it is also gaining a lot of traction with women in the same age group. A recent survey revealed 45% of the fan base is female.

“I was blown away at how the fans reacted to the fights. Women were as vocal as their men counterparts. The fans love this sport.” Monson confirmed.

The film follows one fighter as he trains for the fights. Professional fighters, trainers, promoters, family members, a referee, a fight doctor and others discuss the sport and what it takes to win.

“The thing about this film is not only does it discuss how to win at MMA but also what it takes to win at life. It’s absolutely an inspirational film.” Monson concluded.

Award-winning film maker, Tom Monson has produced dozens of documentaries on subjects ranging from crime prevention, personal safety, drug education and financial fraud prevention. His films have been used world-wide by Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, drug treatment centers, libraries, educators, and law enforcement agencies. Many of his works can be found at and


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