Golfer’s Power Drive, the Newest Drive Created by Pitchers Power Drive

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Pitchers Power Drive is proud to introduce its fourth training device in three years, the Golfer's Power Drive. This device helps golfers control their lower body movement to ensure a mechanically correct and powerful golf swing.

designed by professional trainers, coaches and players to be used by the highest level athlete in each of their sports

The Golfer's Power Drive teamed up with Professional Golfer Tom Kalinowski as lead trainer for it latest Power Drive training aid. Tom is a great golfer and instructor who teaches while playing at Whisper Rock in Scottsdale, Arizona a private Members Only golf club. More than 30 members of Whisper Rock Golf Club play golf for a living. The club has no tennis courts, swimming pool or social memberships. Nearly 200 of its 555 members have handicaps of 5 or better. Whisper Rock courses are a stern test even under normal conditions.

Golfe'rs Power Drive President, John Miller said, “Any golfer that has shot in the 20s on every nine at Whisper Rock is a really great golfer and Tom Kalinowski has done this.” Miller added that, "In 2009 during the club championship that Tom broke par on a pin placement that was set up to prevent breaking par. His 1-under 71 beat the second-place finisher by seven strokes to win the tournament. Many thought it was the best round ever played there. We are so happy to team up with Tom as our lead trainer because he is not only a very good golfer but more important is that he understands kinetics and golf instruction. This is important as all of our Power Drive training aids teach from the ground up using your stronger lower body muscles. With Tom's quality instruction, golfers will learn to improve their scores through developing a proper swing," Miller closed by saying.

The web site explains that the foundation of a great golf swing starts from the ground up. Playing golf from the ground up, referred to as ground reaction force (“GRF”), is essential to improving golf skills. A golfer must learn to apply more force into the ground, particularly off a stabilized back leg, hip and foot and then to transfer this power through the front side. If a golfer applies force to the ground, they create GRFs that are stored and released throughout the body. Our hips and legs are powerful and we must teach them how to load and transfer this higher energy. By creating linear and rotational velocity at our body’s center/core, a golfer creates a chain reaction of this movement, where the velocity continues to the end of their kinetic chain. This linear then rotational movement and load begins in the feet, working its way to the hips, and continues through the shoulders, arms and finally the golf swing. This golfer’s athletic skill must be taught. We can learn by properly training the muscles that comprise the core. It’s important to train the core and its sub-systems to load and transfer power. The Golfers Power Drive training aid does this by giving the golfer the kinetic feel and auditory “CLICK” feedback while performing the correct load and transfer motion with the feet, hips, and legs to their front side.

The golfer's training aid teaches the golfer to get their lower body initiated into the golf swing with a stabilized back leg and foot. Once you have learned to stabilize the lower body on the backswing, the power drive can then be used to work on the downswing. When done properly, the Golfers Power Drive standing plate produces an audible “CLICK” on the lower front side plate. This auditory sound and kinetic feel provides a multisensory teaching aid that trains the golfer’s muscle memory and increases their skills.

The Golfer's Power Drive comes with a turf power drive device used on the back foot as well as a front foot platform to make sure that the golfer’s feet remain on the same plane while using the device. As an optional addition, the Golfers Power Drive offers a hitting mat to provide a life like surface for golfer’s to take their practice swings from.

The golfer's training aid allows a natural swing with nothing attached to a golfer’s body. The Professional Model is designed to help golfers achieve maximum power and velocity from using their stronger lower body muscles. The auditory click provides instant feedback to let the player know the timing of their power drive. This multisensory learning created by the auditory click and kinetic feel has provided great success with the Pitchers Power Drive for professional, collegiate and youth baseball players. It is being used in hundreds of high schools and baseball academy’s, over 230 collegiate programs, 15 professional teams and many pro pitchers. For more information about Golfers Power Drive visit Pitchers Power Drive Hitters Power Drive and Softball Power Drive

Pitchers Power Drive is based in Holliston, Massachusetts. They are the developer of the US patented Pitchers Power Drive Professional / Collegiate model, the Pitchers Power Drive Youth model, Softball Power Drive and Hitters Power Drive. The design of the Power Drive training aids come from their extensive experience working with and training pitchers and hitters at the Winning Pitchers Academy. Pitchers Power Drive is a trademark of Pitchers Power Drive. To learn more about Pitchers Power Drive visit the Pitchers Power Drive website at You can also follow Pitchers Power Drive at at at and at


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