Diet, Weight Loss And Nutrition Expert, Jackie Wicks Of, Advises Why Portion Control May Be Keeping You Fat

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According to founder and diet & nutrition expert, Jackie Wicks, portion control -- the most popular weight loss technique ever -- may be what's keeping people fat. founder and nutrition expert, Jackie Wicks, shares a controversial view on an old favorite regarding weight loss – and this may raise a few eyebrows -- portion control may be the culprit that is keeping people fat.

According to Wicks, “It's important to note that portion control is a critically important tool. Of course we want to be aware of the calories that go into our bodies -- and for people just starting the weight loss process -- portion control is something that must be learned and even mastered.”

Wicks adds, “The problem with portion control is that people most often use it as their primary weight loss strategy. Because life is busy and most of us have a limited amount of things we can focus on, it often becomes the only strategy that people use.”

So why is society so focused on something that is not working?

According to Wicks, “Probably because it sounds reasonable and sensible. It is also the advice we are likely to hear from our doctors and medical professionals. It's what we, as a society, have learned. There are a lot of ways that we get programmed as individuals and this is definitely one.”

Wicks adds, “Additionally, people portion control meat and animal protein. Now, based on all the available science, as well as the interpretation of the available research, we hear that we need to keep meat consumption to roughly 10% of calories. However, this does not take into account any difference in the quality of the meat source. Would it sound reasonable to you to suggest that a serving of poached Wild Salmon (natural food) is probably better for you than a hot dog (processed food)? Sure it does.”

Wicks concludes, “I'd like to argue that not only is the singular focus on portion control not the answer, but it is likely a root of many of our nutrition problems. Not only does it promote the idea that any food is fine as long as it is eaten in limited quantities - but in my years of experience - portion control actually discourages people from eating the best foods in beneficial enough quantities.”

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Jackie Wicks is the founder of the groundbreaking health and weight loss community, which was recognized by US News And World Report as one of the best sites to stay on a diet and lose weight in June, 2011. She is regularly quoted in the press as a healthy lifestyle expert in publications such as ABC News, Wall Street Journal Radio and hundreds of other national media outlets. Ms. Wicks is also the author of the innovative PEERtrainer Cheat System: A Simple Guide To Healthy And Long Term Weight Loss. For more information or to sign up for PEERtrainer's Free Daily Weight Loss Support Program and Tip of the Day, please visit


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