Childhood Education Expert Provides Helpful Tips to Acclimate Children to New School Environment

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An expert in childhood education, Marcia Graysom provides helpful tips in order to help parents ease the acclimation process when their children begin attending a new school.

Any parent whose child has begun a new school knows that the process can be difficult—for all members of the family. From the child being resistant to change to the parents feeling guilty for putting their little one in a stressful situation, everyone can feel the tension when a child begins to attend a new school. Childhood education expert Marcia Graysom, from Boston, Massachusetts, has focused her studies on the acclimation of elementary school children to unfamiliar educational environments.

"Children are not always very receptive to change," remarked Graysom. "While some may quickly assimilate into their new classes, others may resist the change and cause a great degree of stress for both themselves and their parents. I work with many families whose children have a difficult time adjusting to new schools, and through my work I have compiled a few tips for anyone experiencing this issue."


1. Tell children they will be attending a new school. By giving kids time to think about and get used to the idea, parents can give them time to ask questions about their new school.

2. Take children to visit the new educational facility before they begin attending classes. If they know where everything is, such as their lockers and classrooms, children will feel more confident when the first day arrives.

3. Encourage children to interact with other kids from their new school before they begin attending. If they have friends in extracurricular activities that attend this school, prompt them to ask their friends about their new classes.

4. Do not expect kids to adjust quickly, but keep an eye on their emotional and academic progress. Changing schools may take time to get used to, but prolonged academic suffering should not occur.

5. Give children space while maintaining open communication.

Graysom understands that each situation is unique, as no two children are the same. However, these tips have helped many people and may be a wonderful starting point for parents whose children are beginning study in a new school.


Marcia Graysom is a childhood education expert in Boston, Massachusetts, who also works as a family counselor.


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