Announces a New Study of Alternative Investment Opportunities

Share Article today convened an expert panel to conduct a new study of what alternative investment opportunities will most benefit our readers. This timely study comes as 77 million baby boomers search for secure alternative investment opportunities as they enter their retirement years. Based on the new study results, the Institute will then make appropriate resources available for their readers.

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Richard Geller CEO and managing director on Financial Success Institute

The Institute's new study will focus on highly secured alternative investment opportunities capable of providing a sustainable retirement income.

Richard Geller, CEO and managing director of, announced, "Today, the Institute assembled an expert panel to begin conducting a new and timely study of highly secured alternative investment opportunities. The study is expected to make much needed resources available at a time when 10,000 baby boomers are turning age 65 every day. Typically, as people retire, they redeploy retirement funds from the high-risk stock markets into secure investments providing a dependable income for retirement. With certificates of deposits and money markets offering ultra low interest rates, the Institute's new study will focus on highly secured alternative investment opportunities capable of providing a sustainable retirement income."

The new study by Geller and the other two expert panelists will be researching alternative investment opportunities involving physical assets that a self directed IRA or 401K fully controls on behalf of the account owner. It's policy that alternative investment choices be secured with tangible assets.
According to Geller, "There are solid reasons for requiring alternative investment opportunities be exclusively in physical assets. The biggest being, this is the only way to fully prevent a third party from destroying value in the alternative investment. That is exactly why retirees move funds from stock markets to an alternative investment. For security. We've seen too many times when a bad business decision by management devalues the company stock. When the alternative investment is tangible property, the value is almost impossible for a third party to destroy. At the Institute, we caution readers about entering into an alternative investment with a third party that potentially can result in financial misuse of the alternative investment funds. This is exactly what we recently witnessed with the MF Global bankruptcy and the more distant Madoff ponzi scheme."

Geller continues, "Gold coins and real estate are good examples of what the expert panel's new study will be looking into for possible alternative investment. Gold coins as an alternative investment will vary in value depending on the market. However, the last decade has seen the value of gold steadily increase an average of 18% annually while stocks have seesawed up and down to a net loss when inflation is accounted for. As an alternative investment, gold coins can be secured in a safe where no third party can gain access. Investors wanting more information about gold as an alternative investment should read the article: Gold as an Alternative Investment."

Geller makes the point, "Real estate is another tangible alternative investment we like at the Institute. As an alternative investment, real estate can produce tax deferred passive income to create wealth in the alternative investment account. All that is required to achieve tax deferred status is holding the alternative investment in a self directed IRA or 401K account. People wanting more information about real estate as an alternative investment should read this alternative investment article."

Geller concluded, "As conclusions are reached from the Institute's new study, findings will be released at:


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