The Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide from Broodr: Unique, Geeky Gadgets for Everyone on Your Shopping List

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With just a few shopping days left, Broodr's last minute holiday gift guide will help you find all sorts of cool gadgets for those on your list who have a geeky side. From magic wand remote controls to old school Nintendo gear, we've put together a curated gift guide, showcasing the best of Broodr.

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Broodr has released its first holiday gift guide just in time for all those last minute shoppers!

Broodr (, the marketplace for buyers and sellers of all sorts of unique, geeky gadgets, has released its first holiday gift guide just in time for all those last minute shoppers. And without wasting any more words, here it is... Enjoy!

Geek Doormats
Most people have at least one door in their life. And for those that are huge gamers, sci-fi fanatics, or web culture aficionados, these doormats from damngooddoormats in Baltimore, are the perfect door-matting solution. Varieties include: Honey Badger, The Big Lebowski, Atari, Yoda (“Welcome, You Are”), Step Brothers (you know, one of like 10 movies Will Farrell made in 18 months), and more. ($35 to $55)

Gamer Soaps
Because actual game controllers and devices carry more germs than a housefly (there is no science behind this claim), these handmade gaming soaps, from DigitalSoaps, make for a handy stocking-stuffer for your buddy who cannot put down MW3. Web companies - and other companies hoping to increase the cool factor of their office bathrooms - should check these out as well. ($3 to $15)

Apple, Apple, Everywhere
Sure, Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad are awesome, but the accessories all start to look the same. Not so on Broodr! Here, you’ll find a slew of entirely unique Apple add-ons such as...

This beautiful brass and rosewood iPhone 4/4s case ( from exovault.

These nifty wristbands from Loop Attachment that turn your iPod Nano into a watch that looks pretty stylish (

This black and brass old-timey steampunk phone dock for your iPhone that actually works (

A righteous boombox available in a variety of good looking woods that would increase the cool factor of any room (

A sweet accordion-style mini portable speaker set-up for those looking to take the holiday party on the road (

Like Ron Burgandy, you too can class it up with many leather-bound books - that case your iPhone or iPad. These “little black book” cases are not only slick, but also mysterious. And that’s a good thing.

Like a little music while you fall asleep? Roommate or significant other not a fan? Your only option is your earbuds, right? WRONG. These super-thin, super-soft Bedphones let you listen to your favorite audiobook or tunes in total comfort. And get this: You can download the free Bedphones Music Controller mobile app, which senses when you fall asleep and shuts off your music automatically. How cool is that?!?! ($19.95)

Know Any Harry Potter Fans?
Of course you do. But even if you don’t, this magic wand remote by Kymera is pretty awesome. It’s the world’s first motion-sensitive, buttonless universal remote control. So for those that love TV and/or Harry Potter, this is it. ($89.95)

QR Love
Want to get really geeky this holiday? Send your friends some of these spiffy, personalized QR code greeting card prints from The Wallaroo. ($3.75 each)

Old School Storage
Have some people on your list that are old-school Nintendo fans? Chances are, they’re also the computing type with lots of data in need of storage. Soooooo... take a gander at these game controllers and cartridges from 8BitMemory that have been refurbished into USB drives! Not only are they retro-cool, but they’re also capable of storing massive amounts of data - up to one terabyte! ($19.99 to $199.99)

About Broodr
Broodr ( is an exclusive marketplace for buyers and sellers of all sorts of unique items and geeky gadgets. We help inventors, designers, makers, DIYers and anyone else who’s creating unique products by giving them an alternative selling channel to the exact customer base they seek: people just like them. To explore all things Broodr, visit or connect with us on Twitter at @broodr.


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