This is an Open Invitation to President Obama to Sponsor a Massive Global Job Creation Revolution Starting in the US to Create 7 Million Jobs in Less than a Year

Share Article is guaranteeing creation of 7 million jobs in the US in less than one year at no cost to taxpayers, and 50 million jobs world wide depending on the participating countries.

Omer Abashar is a mechanical engineer, social entrepreneur and inventor, he helped over 170 people in New York city area to establish their own businesses, while he did nor have a green card for 16 years.

Omer'sWay Inc Founder 20 years ago

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After 15 years of independent research and development on the global unemployment problem and how to create lasting solutions by direct job creation, Omer’s Way Inc. has developed a very strong solution, as well as systems that can be easily adapted to work anywhere.

Omer’s Way is proudly announcing job creation as a standalone industry. Job creation should be and must be an industry by itself because the demand for jobs is too large to be ignored. What is more important than securing a job for every person on this planet and thus obtaining the security that goes along with steady income? believes that job creation is not only the decisive solution to the unemployment problem, but the solution to many social problems as well, such as poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, and prostitution. is taking job creation to the next level by starting a job creation industry that creates solutions regardless of the unemployment rate, an industry that constantly creates jobs to meet the annual demand that is created by new people entering the workforce.

While meeting with President Obama, is planning to unveil the largest business opportunity for U.S. companies in the history of the modern world: more than $5 trillion per year of untapped global business which the US can easily dominate, potentially leading to an increase in the U.S. GDP by $3 to $4 trillion a year, an increase that will impose a massive reduction of the U.S. national debt.

About Omer’s Way, Inc. Omer’s Way Inc. is a New York Corporation established in 2007 to engage in export and establishing small businesses. Omer’s Way Inc.’s founder, Omer Abashar, is an immigrant from Sudan. He is an inventor, a mechanical engineer, and a social entrepreneur who has helped over 170 small business owners to establish their businesses since 1990. He is an idea generator who has knowledge and experience in eight different fields apart from his great passion for job creation. It was his passion for taking jobs back to his native Sudan that brought him to the US more than 20 years ago.
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Please be part of this revolution, e-mail this invitation to the president of United States of America.

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