Stargazer Video Chat Released 10 Tips For Men to Help Them Meet a Dream Girl in Video Chat and Cam Chat Rooms

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Stargazer Video Chat released 10 tips for men that can help them to stand out in a cam chat room and increase their chances meeting someone special.

Stargazer Video Chat

Stargazer Video Chat

The introduction of video chat rooms to the dating scene put a face and voice to people communicating online.

It is becoming increasingly popular to meet people in online dating and video chat sites. In recent years, cyber dating has gained popularity amongst people of all ages. Video chat rooms became an alternate destination for romance seekers. The freedom of anonymity and imagination added a spice to the fun and excitement of searching for a significant other. The introduction of video chat rooms to the dating scene put a face and voice to people communicating online. The more personal the correspondence, the higher the chances to find a date.

To help men to meet that perfect online date, Stargazer Video Chat released 10 tips for men that can help them to stand out in a cam chat room and increase their chances in meeting someone special.

Tip #1: Vulgarity of words

Every woman deserves respect and can be serious finding an online date. Vulgar statements considered to be unflattering and have high chances of getting ignored or blocked. Being nice and use an appropriate choice of words is important in finding a potential mate.

Tip #2: A profile that is less than more

Keep an online profile short and punchy. A well written dating headline that suits a personality is an attention grabber. Setting a catchy headline is like having a front page title in a magazine or newspaper article. Be positive and make sure to portray an excitement and mystery.

Tip #3: Upload recent and interesting photos

Do not use outdated photos as it will turn off a woman. Post pictures of different places
that would showcase your hobbies and your lifestyle. Do not use indecent photos as your profile will most likely be skipped or even blocked by most of online dating and video chat sites.

Tip #4: To smile or not to smile

According to a recent study published in the American Psychological Association’s journal Emotion, women are turned off by guys who smile. The researchers observed, a big smile in a man appears him too feminine or desperate for sex. The study added that women attracted to bad boy image like James Dean and the famous vampire character of Edward in the movie Twilight. On the other hand, not smiling in a photo conveys passiveness, introvert attitude or being sinister. These results are based on initial reactions to sexual attractiveness in a photo, however, a personal preference of a woman differs from each other.

Tip #5: Eye-catching online screen names

A screen name can tell a lot about a personality, hobby, values, or interests of a person. It generates a spark of interest to the opposite sex with the same interests as yours. For example, a horse lover would say “EquestrianGuy”, a doctor by profession would say “CaringMrDoctor”. Be positive and sound happy such as “JoyfulSoul”, “LovesToLaughGuy”. Avoid depressing and sexually explicit screen names, for example “LookingforHotSexyLady” or “SadMan4U” as these names would not sound enticing.

Tip #6: Spelling and grammar

Before hitting the send button, proofread your message. Errors in both spellings and grammar make a bad impression about sloppiness and dullness of a personality. It is an instant turn off and expects zero mailbox upon checking an e-mail.

Tip #7: What to write in an email?

Don’t let the quantity overshadow the quality in online messages. Review the potential mate’s profile and get ideas about her interests that have the same as yours such as hobbies, taste of music, values etc. Emphasize these in cam chat communications to get higher chances for a response.

Tip #8: When to send a follow up message?

There’s no fast or hard rule when to follow up. Attempt to send another one without sounding desperate, a simple note “Hi there, you might have been busy for a week, hope all is well with you. Have a good day/night” sounds pleasant and polite. However, preserve the dignity and self-worth if one is not really responding to your messages, especially upon seeing her “logged in 24 hours ago”.

Tip #9: Don’t over-share the information

Avoid mentioning about past relationships, terrible break ups, and family issues in the initial messages. Refrain mentioning health problems or having a hard time dealing with people at work etc. She might misinterpret it negatively and perceive it as you’re a difficult person. In the beginning no one is interested if you are allergic to something unless you met in an online dating catering to health issues. A woman doesn’t like to hear too much drama unless a deeper connection has been made.

Tip #10: Safety first

Keep information to a minimum, one can make an e-mail account intended for online dating. Don’t share personal e-mail, phone number, and home or work address when you meet someone in a chat room. Online dating sites discourage its users to share personal information online for safety purposes. Be sensible about information you share on your profile because identity theft or even stalkers are common in the internet world.

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Stargazer Video Chat is a privately operated service dedicated to providing a quick and easy way for people to meet each other in a casual video chat environment. It allows users to communicate using video chat, voice and text messaging in public and private chat rooms.


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