Philadelphia Hypnosis Owner Comments On New Evidence Showing Hypnotic State Is Real

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Researchers in Sweden have discovered eye movements that are characteristic of hypnotized subjects. In an articled published in the peer reviewed journal, PLoS One, researchers discovered eye movements characteristic to hypnotized subjects that cannot be mimicked by subjects who are awake. This adds strong validity to hypnosis as an effective therapeutic tool.

Philadelphia Hypnosis announced that researchers from Sweden and Finland at the end of 2011 have found physiological evidence supporting the theory that hypnosis causes a change in consciousness. The researchers published an article in the respected, PLoS One journal, showing alterations in hypnotized subjects' automatic responses. The scientific community has long been divided over whether hypnosis was merely social compliance or a verifiable state, different from normal waking consciousness. Research now suggests it is an actual distinct state of consciousness.

The Scandinavian scientists focused their study on the eye movements of people in and out of the hypnotic state. They found that the glazed over stare, so often associated with hypnosis in popular imaginings, does in fact indicate a state change. The researchers presented hypnotized subjects with eye tracking tasks that create automatic reflexive eye movements. It was found that there were measurable differences in the responses of hypnotized subjects verses normal waking subjects. Those who were not hypnotized could not reproduce the same eye responses.

Jess Marion, Founder of Philadelphia Hypnosis explained, “This is very exciting news. Those of us in the field have known for a very long time that there are visible changes that happen in a person when they enter hypnosis and now we have objective research that verifies it. I think this will go a long way in helping hypnosis gain a larger acceptance as a powerful tool for change.”

Hypnosis is recognized by members of both the medical and counseling communities as being effective in the treatment of various issues including smoking, weight control, and phobias. This study further strengthens the claims of successful hypnotists and their clients, who make life lasting changes through hypnosis.

To help make hypnosis more accessible to the Philadelphia community, Jess Marion will be holding a free introductory seminar on January 21, 2012 in Center City. Participants will gain first hand experience in how to elicit and use this powerful state of consciousness.

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