Heroic Investing Offers Three Steps for Investment Portfolio Overhaul

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The popular resource for first responders advises on real estate, pension and stock investing

Heroic Investing

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait," Jason Hartman.

Heroic Investing, an organization dedicated to giving first responders the tools they need to invest wisely, understands that many Americans today are sick of the stock market and feeling hopeless about their portfolio investments. However, the group advises readers to not act rashly by liquidating their stocks and bonds all at once. Instead, Heroic Investing recommends resisting this urge, researching real estate and buying—wisely and rapidly.

For those seeking an investment portfolio overhaul, here is what Heroic Investing recommends:

1.    Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water: As tempting as it might be to immediately liquidate your entire inventory of stocks, bonds and mutual funds in one fell swoop, don’t do it. Regardless of how bad a financial beating a portfolio is taking, by selling everything at once, there’s a good chance you will be exiting at the absolute worst time for at least a portion of your holdings.

Everyone has a plan when they enter the market. Follow the plan, only with an eye towards cashing out at opportune moments along the way. The market’s up, the market’s down, the market’s sideways. Don’t try to anticipate it. Just go with the flow and slowly work yourself out. Don’t worry if it takes a few years. In fact, you might always want to keep a percentage of your investment portfolio in stocks and related assets, but you’ve got to stop thinking of it as your bread and butter because there’s a good chance your profits have been and are going to continue to disappear through market churn and broker fees and commissions.

2.    Learn the Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors: Heroic Investing is assuming that you have been putting aside a percentage of your monthly paycheck for stock market investments—either on your own or through some sort of retirement or pension plan. Heroic Investing recommends stopping this and doing whatever it takes to begin rerouting monthly savings into a fund that will be used to buy income producing properties. Going forward, you should expect this to become the real source of your retirement money.

However, we don’t suggest simply up and buying the first investment property you come across. There are plenty ways to screw up real estate investing and a growing property portfolio isn’t going to happen by accident. Spend an adequate amount of time boning up on the process of choosing an appropriate piece of real estate that is going to cash flow and grow in value over the years. Then another property and another. Heroic Investing suggests Jason Hartman’s Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors— it’s the best real estate education online. Period. And it’s free.

3.    Don’t Wait to Buy Real Estate: Now that we’ve mentioned the name, real estate innovator Jason Hartman has a fond saying and it is more true today than ever: “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” Interest rates and house prices are historically low. Combine this with the fact that rental demand for housing is climbing and destined to go off the charts over the next few years and you have the perfect storm for savvy investors who want to supercharge their investment portfolio with assets that really work.

A financially independent retirement is within your grasp. The only question is whether you want it enough to change the way you’ve been doing things. Are you ready to acknowledge that Wall Street investing makes Las Vegas look like a safe bet?

About Heroic Investing
At Heroic Investing, we are dedicated to showing first responders a different way to build their financial future. The future is uncertain but first responders have extensive knowledge of how things can change in an instant. These heroes of society have always been the people who protect our safety and respond to emergencies. Based on the same real estate investing principles as The Creating Wealth Show, the Heroic Investing Show is for the real heroes around this great nation. For more information, or visit Heroic Investing online.

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