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Zotrim is the only weight loss aid available which has in clinical trials, shown to reduce hunger, reduce calorie intake and result in weight loss from Natures Remedies Ltd.

Zotrim® is an all-natural pill shown to reduce hunger and calorie intake resulting in significant weight loss, and is already available.

Recent headlines have hinted at a new wonder drug that reduces hunger and is based on a natural hormone call oxyntomodulin. The drug is in early clinical trials and at least five years away from being available to consumers. Natures Remedies Ltd, the inventors and manufacturers of Zotrim®, emphasised yesterday that the Zotrim formula gives equally impressive results to those published for this wonderdrug and is already on general sale as a food supplement.

Dr Lasse Hessel, inventor of Zotrim®, says “The new anti-hunger drug sounds exciting but it is far from being approved, few past drug candidates made it to market and most that did, were withdrawn for safety reasons. Zotrim® is an all-natural pill shown to reduce hunger and calorie intake resulting in significant weight loss, and is already available.”

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Zotrim®. In a 45 day study those taking Zotrim® lost 11lbs versus less than one pound for those taking a placebo pill. In another study, women found that they felt less hungry between meals and fuller after eating when they took Zotrim® with every meal. This resulted in average waist reduction over just four weeks of almost two inches – a whole dress size smaller.

The most recent study demonstrated that Zotrim® causes a significant decrease in hunger and in desire to eat, Dr Jason Halford, led the study at the Kissileff Laboratory for Ingestive Behaviour at the University of Liverpool. In the double blind, placebo-controlled, study of 58 healthy to slightly overweight young women researchers found Zotrim® reduced calorie intake by an average 17.6% (nearly a fifth) over a mealtime. The participants were invited to eat as much as they wanted at a buffet-type lunch after taking the product or placebo before breakfast and again before lunch. Zotrim® was found to reduce calorie consumption by an average of 132 calories at lunchtime.

Previous studies on foods and food supplements typically show reductions of less than 10% in calorie intake. The 17.6% reduction shown by Zotrim® was of a level only previously reported in studies of appetite suppressing drugs.

The clinically proven* formula behind Zotrim®, a powerful combination of extracts from three South American herbs: Guarana, Yerba Mate and Damiana, help you feel full faster, so you eat less at mealtimes and prolong the feeling of fullness so you snack less between meals.

Zotrim® helps develop healthy eating habits that not only encourages weight loss but ensures that weight stays off. After reaching their target weight, participants from the original double blind, placebo-controlled trial were given a year’s supply of Zotrim® and monitored for weight changes. After a year, participants had not only maintained their weight, but had lost an additional pound!**

Take Zotrim® by simply swallowing two or three tablets with a glass of water or cold drink a few minutes before meals.

Zotrim® costs £22.45 for a month’s supply (180 tablets) and is available from Boots, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, Morrisons and Lloyd’s Pharmacies.

For more information and online availability please visit http://www.zotrim.com

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** Andersen, Journal of Human and Nutrition and Dietetics, 14, 243-250 (2001)


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