Parenting On Track™ eBook Reviews are Coming In

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After more than 20 years of offering live classes and workshops, and creating an in-home multi-media box set to deliver her parenting program, parent educator, Vicki Hoefle, offered a new parenting ebook, "Real Parents, Real Progress, Inside the lives of Parenting On Track™ Families" and the reviews are coming in!

[The] love we have for our children means we believe in them, we encourage them to make their own choices, we hold them accountable for those choices, we listen to them on a deep level.

After more than 20 years of live classes and workshops, national speaking tours, and distribution of a popular multi-media “parenting program in box,” Parent educator Vicki Hoefle brings the insight, advice and humor of her Parenting On Track™ program exclusively to the booming ebook format.

“Real Parents, Real Progress, Inside the lives of Parenting On Track™ Families” is a compilation of true stories from real Parenting On Track™ families, filled with trials, triumphs, humor, frustration and insight.

Hoefle uses these stories as teaching tools to illuminate the principals of the Parenting On Track™ Program, in a portable, read-anywhere format.

"Parenting and the inspiration for the ebook is based on the love we have for our children that means we believe in them, we encourage them to make their own choices, we hold them accountable for those choices, we listen to them on a deep level, and we include them as the integral part of our families that they are. And it is based on the love we have for ourselves that means we believe in ourselves, we encourage ourselves to make sometimes really hard choices, we hold ourselves accountable for these choices, we listen to our own inner programs on a deep level (and often deprogram them!), and we see ourselves as individuals in a democratic partnership with our children." Vicki Hoefle, author and parenting expert.

While parents had long requested such a book, more recently they also started requesting a Parenting On Track™ digital reference, that could be accessed on ubiquitous digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Beyond a blog and simpler than an app, the eBook format was the most ideal solution and is loved by all who read it.

Here is what some parents have to say!

"This book is inspiring. As a mother, a wife, a home manager and (everything else that I am), it can be difficult to balance it all. I am continually looking for inspiration from other mothers and 'Parenting On Track™-ers' to give me a shift in perspective. I love reading about their successes, aha moments and even failures. It inspires me to tweak what I am doing. It helps me see where I am slipping up. This book puts it all together for me.

This book gives even those who have not taken the Parenting On Track™ classes encouragement to be better, to do better, to raise thinking kids". - Sara W, mother of 3

"Through 20 years of teaching, Vicki Hoefle has culled stories that bring her philosophy to life.
Illustrating each of the core lessons from Parenting On Track™ with stories from families is the format of "Real Parents, Real Progress." It is an easy read. And an inspirational one.

The biggest gift was being shown that our parenting is never done…the settings and dialogue changes, but the motivation doesn’t. That image of the grown independent child, who chooses to have us be part of his life. He’s 18 months and asked to sit through family meeting while we appreciate him. He is three and chopping vegetables for dinner. He is five and riding the bus to school with the lunch he made himself. He is 7 and choosing his after school activities. He is 9 and planning and paying for his own birthday party. He is 13 and traveling across the state with a cousin. He is 19 and in college, calling home and managing his study time. He is 22 and employed. He is 30 something and parenting on track". - Anna P. mother of 2.

“Real Parents, Real Progress, Inside the lives of Parenting On Track™ Families,” released exclusively as an ebook, is available for Kindle, Nook, and in the Apple iBookstore for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Parenting On Track™ — created by veteran parent educator Vicki Hoefle – is a proactive, sustainable program based on Adlerian Psychology. From eliminating “useless” behaviors such as whining and power struggles, to showing children that they are capable and important members of the family, the Parenting On Track™ program provides parents with tools to create a respectful and peaceful family life. The program was recently awarded The Baby Planners™ Seal of Approval & received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. For more information, or to purchase the Parenting on Track™ Home Program, please visit


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