New Invention from UPPERcase Inc. Helps Residents Utilize Inaccessible Garage Space for Home Storage

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UPPERcase designed, tested, and is now patenting a device for allowing storage cabinets to be lifted and lowered in places normally difficult to access. The device mechanically detects the weight load placed into a cabinet in order to provide the appropriate lift needed to assist in lowering and raising a loaded cabinet. The original design is aimed at helping residents make better use of limited garage storage space and the device possesses a large array of applications for use in various industries.

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UPPERcase creates overhead storage that is easily accessible and then gifts precious floor space back to our customers for more meaningful purposes.

UPPERcase Inc. has recently unveiled a patent pending invention aimed at creating new storage space in homes without the need for extensive remodeling. The invention boasts a simple, cost effective solution to the problem of inadequate home storage space and Uppercase is currently seeking partners to bring the final product into full production to meet the needs of home residents worldwide.

UPPERcase began the development of its invention aiming to solve a common household challenge. Home residents with limited in-home storage space are typically forced to rent off-site storage units and/or keep expensive vehicles outside in order to store all of their belongings. Attic storage space is cumbersome and dangerous to utilize and is insufficient for daily use.

With this challenge in mind, UPPERcase created a versatile, lift-assisting mechanism that can be attached to conventional storage cabinets. Cabinets with this mechanism can be installed in high, unused space typically inaccessible for normal storage use.    

Key features built into this device include the following:
1. Assists owners in easily lifting and storing heavy items out of the way
2. Counter balances loads from zero to a maximum weight
3. Automatically adjusts to weight
4. Dampens lowering of heavy contents for safety
5. Makes use of unusable and inconvenient space
6. Requires no electrical power source
7. Completely mechanical
8. Uses a single spring for lifting and weighing
9. Positive engaging change mechanism safely controls energy
10. No foot-print so the invention reclaims floor space
11. Adjustable drop distance.
12. Configurable to stack vertically and/or horizontally.

Jonathan Roberts, President and CEO of UPPERcase, describes the benefit of his company’s invention by stating, "UPPERcase creates overhead storage that is easily accessible and then gifts precious floor space back to our customers for more meaningful purposes."

A complete technical overview of the device is available on UPPERcase’s corporate website:

Numerous designs and prototypes have been tested to assure the highest possible combination of practicality in everyday use and affordability for mass production. The current design is the fourth prototype and represents the final product in its ready for market form.

Although the current prototype is specifically designed for maximizing garage storage space, the applications of this technology are far reaching. The technology has practical applications for other residential uses such as allowing easier access to out of reach cabinets for the disabled.
Other applications for this technology are present in any environment in which storage space comes at a premium such as in airplanes and ships.


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