Clockwork Solutions Inc. Supports In Force The Defense Budget Crisis Raised at 2011 SAE DoD Maintenance Symposium & Exhibition

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The 2011 SAE DoD Maintenance Symposium & Exhibition theme was "Achieving Readiness through Efficiency and Effectiveness in Maintenance Operations". Include “under today’s austere budget conditions” in this objective and the number of factors and complexity that influence "Achieving Readiness” has become almost unquantifiable and unmanageable. Clockwork Solutions Inc. participated “in force” at the symposium representing what they believe to be the market’s most comprehensive and accurate enterprise level ability to model and simulate life cycle management.

November 14 – 17, 2011 Clockwork Solutions Inc. sent more participants to the 2011 SAE DoD Maintenance Symposium and Exhibition than ever before. The U.S. Congressional deficit reduction and corresponding Defense budget crisis is significantly heightening demand and awareness for capabilities like Clockwork Solutions. There likely has never been a more intense time for enhanced decision making in navigating the most optimum path of decisions for preserving military readiness while adapting to austere budget cuts.    Many sessions and keynote speakers raised the challenges with today’s status quo decision making processes and data management.

Mr. John B. Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance, challenged the audience in his keynote speech that we cannot continue to “operate and behave as we have” that the strength of our military “hangs in the balance”. He highlighted how the defense maintenance community will need to find “unconventional means to achieve unconventional outcomes” and that an “unprecedented level of innovation” is required. He further communicated that there is no room for “mediocre or status quo” leaders.    That today’s environment demands leaders to demonstrate “duty, honor, and courage” with the defense budget challenge before us.

Clockwork’s significant presence at this event was to provide support to our defense clients in attendance who embody this leadership culture and ethos. Clockwork recognizes that it takes a special type of leader to embrace the uncomfortable level of transparency created by Clockwork’s high fidelity, fully cross-functional, and comprehensive Total Life Cycle Management Predictive Analytics or Predictive Modeling and Simulation.

Claude V. ‘Chris’ Christianson, Lieutenant General, USA (Ret), the former Director of Logistics, J4 of the U.S. Department of Defense Joint Staff, a keynote speaker at the event, implored the attendees to find ways to improve information and data sharing toward improving total enterprise situational awareness.    He further recommended that maintenance networks need to be better integrated and those networks better integrated into the supply chain.    

The Clockwork team was in full support of General Christianson’s remarks. Clockwork communicated to General Christianson and others in attendance that advanced life cycle modeling and simulation is a nexus resource for assembling and representing such an integrated enterprise view of tomorrow’s system readiness performance. That the foresight created by such holistic and advanced predictive analytics might be the breakthrough technology that identifies the path for meeting tomorrow’s readiness requirements under significantly reduced defense appropriations.

Sean Connors, President and CEO of Clockwork Solutions Inc. at the conclusion of the symposium summarized to a defense client visiting the booth that, “This is an exciting opportunity for our company to apply our advanced life cycle predictive modeling and simulation products and services to help the Department of Defense take warfighter equipment readiness and sustainment cost optimization to the next level; considering the austere defense cut challenges on the 2013 horizon.”

About Clockwork Solutions ( )
Clockwork Solutions Inc. is in the business of conducting advanced lifecycle predictive modeling and simulation (M&S) analysis with their proprietary modeling technology SPAR™.    This applied M&S technology allows complex system operators (Vehicle Fleets, Plants, Refineries, OEMs, etc.) to credibly pre-validate the impact of management decisions today on future operational productivity and costs of tomorrow.    

Clockwork’s M&S predictive analytics technology and services captures in detail the regional and multi-indentured differences in a systems future lifecycle behavior and costs.    Furthermore, Clockwork successfully represents into the future how this enormous set of lifecycle variables in reliability, engineering, operations, maintenance, supply, logistics, etc. changes over time. Clockwork Solutions Inc. is well known in Operations Research (OR), Industrial Engineering (IE), Reliability Availability Maintainability (RAM) Analysis, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Performance Based Logistics (PBL), Reverse Logistics, Service Parts Planning (SPP), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Aftermarket Support, Obsolescence Planning (DMSMS), What-If Business Planning, and other similar life cycle management Business Intelligence fields.

Clockwork Solutions’ customers include the US Army, the US Marine Corps, JPO MRAP, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, EADS Astrium, the Israeli Defense Forces, GE Aircraft Engines, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and many others.

Clockwork Solutions, Inc. headquartered in Austin, TX is a Teakwood Capital Company

Contact Information:    info(at)clockwork-solutions(dot)com


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