Eco Vita Announces Tips on How Herbal Teas Work For Holiday Diets

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One of the headaches during the holiday season is the weight gain associated with eating too many high calorie meals. Eco Vita describes how to control weight by having herbal teas. Eco Vita is proud to present their herbal detox tea Ten-Chi Tea.

Detox Tea

Drinking detox tea while dining

Detox tea is the internal cleansing process that flushes the toxins that may be interfering with the body's ability to burn calories, eliminate waste, and burn fat.

The holidays are a festive time, filled with gatherings amongst co-workers, friends and family, holiday parties, and of course, lots of eating. A sizeable number of people wind up gaining weight during the months of November and December for just this very reason, which is probably why so many people make those New Year's resolutions to exercise more. However, those who fear the holiday weight gain, as well as those who may have already put on a few pounds can benefit from drinking detox tea.

What is detox tea? To begin with, people are exposed to several types of pollutants throughout each day. These toxins wind up sitting inside the body, accumulating. These toxins can add unwanted pounds on the body. Holiday dinners are quite tasty and filling, but are also filled with things that don't get flushed away or eliminated from the body as waste. In order to get rid of these toxins effectively, detox tea detoxifies the body's organs to get those pollutants out of the system. The end result is a healthier feeling and a body that is more apt to lose weight.

Detox teas can act as diuretics, and may contain a laxative to help a person get regular. Regular, healthy bowel movements are an indication that the body's digestive system is functioning as it's supposed to. Detox tea is the internal cleansing process that flushes the toxins that may be interfering with the body's ability to burn calories, eliminate waste, and burn fat.

Detox tea is made of herbs, spices, and roots that are considered beneficial in detoxifying the body. Juniper berries, anise, cinnamon, turmeric root, black pepper, and ginger are just a sampling of the ingredients often found in commercially available detox teas. The results aren't as immediate as they would be with a drug, but that's the way natural remedies work. The all-natural formulas are safe for the body and have no known side effects.

The holidays are a time for eating quite a bit, and people are encouraged to eat, drink and be merry. There's obviously nothing wrong with that. Most people don't realize they've gained weight until January, when their pants don't fit like they used to. The answer is rather obvious what happened, but no one wants to admit it. Detox teas can help people lose the weight they gain during the holiday season in a safe, drug-free, caffeine-free manner. Yes, these detox teas are caffeine-free too!

Detox tea is the easy answer to the holiday weight gain. TEN CHI TEA is a type of detox tea made with 12 special Japanese herbs that have been shown to detoxify and cleanse the body in an efficient manner. The name literally translates to "Heaven and Earth Tea" and helps promote quality gastrointestinal function and improved blood circulation. TEN CHI TEA doesn't have a bitter taste and is actually pleasant to drink too, which means tea drinkers can enjoy drinking tea and detoxify their bodies at the same time.

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Eco Vita, LLC is an environmentally conscious, health product company, positioned to deliver vital herbal and natural products in the United States. The company is dedicated to social responsibility in areas of the world that supply their products. Eco Vita is a member of the UN Global Compact.


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