New Organizations Formed to Promote Latino Independence From Political Parties, and Promote Latino-owned Businesses

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La Raza Unida 21 combines Latino activism and business practices to create new political group.

La Raza Unida 21 Inc. ( today announced its formation as a company to focus on raising awareness for political, educational, social and economic equality of Latinos. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Az, and has offices in Tucson, Az, National City, Calif., Stuart, Fla., and Washington, D.C. The company and its subsidiaries are incorporated in the state of Nevada.

Isaac Cubillos, named by Hispanic Business magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” will serve as the chairman and CEO of the organization. Victoria Camey, a licensed Arizona Real Estate broker and events executive, will serve on the board of directors and will the executive vice president of the parent company and president of two of LRU21’s subsidiaries. Together, they have pulled together a team of veterans of the Chicano Movement of the late 1960s and ’70s and today’s activists to form a new movement for the 21st century. Others involved with the company are: Carlos Romero to head Governmental Affairs; Stephen Nuño, Ph.D. as Director of Research and Advocacy; Manuel Guerra Casas, National Director of Project DREAM; Rick Ojeda-Santoyo, Director of Veterans Outreach and Stand Down, and Brown Beret Byron Calderón, Attorney at Law, as legal counsel. Corporate advisers include Herman Baca, President of Citizens for Chicano Rights.

“For more than 40 years, and even before the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, Latinos have fought hard to be part of the American fabric. Our grandparents and parents fought and died for this country, harvested America’s food, built the factories and skyscrapers, worked in the mills to make clothing, cleaned America’s offices and homes, took care of her children. Our ancestors even taught European immigrants how to be cowboys and survive the deserts of the Southwest. They proved they and their descendants are patriotic and worthy of being called Americans,” LRU21’s CEO Isaac Cubillos said.

“But Latinos are still seen as the whipping dog by the two parties, he added. “The Democratic Party takes us for granted and ignores us, and the Republican Party demeans us and create laws to strip Latinos of their constitutional rights. Neither party values us. They continue to under-educate and under-employ Latinos, and then want to deport us, even those born in the U.S.

“Because America has had generations to accept us — our faces, our colors, our culture — we will not wait another generation. We will rebuild America in our image,” Cubillos said. “There is a million Latino March going on in this country – one million Latinos born each year – and this will happen for the next 40 years. It is now time we begin taking control of the institutions and the political processes for the betterment of all Latinos. Certainly the current batch of leaders are incapable or unwilling to do so,” he said.
La Raza Unida 21 a Nevada corporation formed as a 501(c)(4) and will be the “action tank” to motivate Latinos to starting thinking of ways to use the current political and business systems to their advantage.

In addition to the 501(c)(4), the corporation has formed three subsidiaries, LRU21 Services Inc. (, a for-profit corporation that will develop new businesses – including a real estate network, a construction firm, a financial services company, and an incubator for emerging Latino businesses. LRU21 Services will fuel the parent corporation’s efforts. LRU21 Services will partner with existing Latino-owned business creating the largest Hispanic network in the country.

“This is be the engine and the fuel that drives our nonprofits’ efforts,” Camey said. Camey was tapped at LRU21 Services president and will develop the company into a multistate business endeavor. “We already have partnerships with other companies and will be launching a real estate network in the Southwest. This gives us a business approach to activism,” she added.

“Our two current initiatives, Latinopreneurs and Buy Latino are designed to encourage new Latino business formation and support existing ones,” Camey said.
Also created is Latinos for a New America Inc. This is a nonprofit group formed as a 527 advocacy political action group. “We intend to engage in a variety of fundraising and political activities culminating in a massive voter mobilization effort to move Latinos from the ‘one-party with two wings’ and register them as Independents,” Cubillos said. For both fundraising and political purposes, LNA will oppose legislation that attempts to deny Latinos of their constitutional rights. Additionally, LNA will support candidates who have Latino-friendly platforms focused social, educational, and economic equality.

Patricio McKenna, Director of Political Affairs, will spearhead the initial projects.
“This is not about supporting one party or another, it is about supporting a segment of America that has long been ignored and abused, and we intend to change that at the ballot box, Cubillos said. “It’s not just about voter registration, which is too often the only step other organizations take, said Cubillos, “it’s about following through by educating Latinos on the issues and candidates, then getting them to the ballot box.”

The fourth organization is La Raza Unida 21 Education Foundation, formed as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) with Camey as its president. The organization already has events planned including a Latino Conference set in June in Phoenix.

“It will be conference designed to motivate Latinas to take on leadership roles in education, political and business,” Camey said. “This is a ‘roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work’ conference.” Speakers are already being lined up and an announcement will be made after of the year.

The foundation is actively reviewing real estate property opportunities in Tucson, Az for the National Chicano Museum. The museum will house artifacts and memorabilia from the first Chicano Movement and will be the center for Latino cultural research. It also will house the Chicano Hall of Fame, recognizing leaders since the Chicano Movement of the ’60s and ’70s.
Each organization has its own distinct mission, but together create a one-of-kind conglomerate that uses all the tools of 21st century advocacy and business to create a whole.
For more information, contact by email: Isaac Cubillos, chairman and CEO at or vice president Victory Camey at victoria(at)larazaunida21(dot)org.

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