Medical Researcher Andy Suter Issues New Clarification on the Difference Between Popular Arnica Gels

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Research has now shown the difference between homeopathic and a new herbal arnica gel

A. Vogel Arnica Rub

Arnica has moved from the realm of traditional remedy to a researched-backed herbal product catagory

Andy Suter, a medical researcher in the field of phyto medicine with several published studies, has clarified the usage of Arnica Gels for joint comfort. Homeopathic arnica gels are usually associated with the traditional homeopathic claims for bruises, swelling, strains and sprains. Newer on the market is herbal Arnica Gel with proven efficacy. The mode of action has been uncovered for the herbal product, while the mode of action for homeopathic arnica topical is still not clearly understood.

Arnica been used traditionally with success for hundreds of years. But now Arnica has moved from the realm of traditional remedy to a research-backed herbal product category. There are currently two published clinical studies, one in Advances in Therapy and one in Rheumatol Int. Both studies used a specific herbal Arnica Gel made from fresh, organically grown Arnica flower heads.

For bruises, swelling, strains, sprains, homeopathic arnica gels, are effective. For joint comfort the herbal Arnica Gel has proven effective. Clinical research has shown that the herbal Arnica Gel inhibits the way that NF-kB works in the body. NF-kB can be compared to a switch that gets switched to “on” at the very beginning of the inflammatory process. When activated in this way the whole inflammatory cascade is switched on. By inactivating Nf-kB, inflammatory process can be stopped at the very beginning. This is why herbal Arnica Gel is so effective.

One clinical study showed the herbal Arnica to be as effective as Ibuprofen Gel in relieving stiffness and pain associated with osteoarthritis of the fingers. (Widrig R, Suter A, Saller R 2007 Choosing between NSAID and Arnica for topical treatment of hand osteoarthritis in a randomized, double-bland study, Rheumatol Int; 27:585-591.) The herbal arnica gel was evaluated as more effective by the patients and their doctors. A previous study proved the Arnica Gel reduced pain and stiffness in osteoarthritis of the knee.(Knusel O, Weber M, Suter A (2002) Arnica Montana Gel in Osteoarthritis of the Knee: An Open, Multicenter Clinical Trial, Advances in Therapy; 19(5) 209-218).

The herbal Arnica Gel used in both studies is Arnica Rub from Bioforce. It is marketed in other countries under other names such as Rheuma Gel, Atrosan Gel.

For more information contact: Andy Suter at 011 41 71 4546203 or a.suter(at)bioforce(dot)ch


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