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PixeHome For Buyer is an innovative app to help home buyers to remember each house and rooms visited even though they are visiting the 20th house. This app organizes visited homes with photos, notes, GPS location, date of visit, and room type.

Greater Chicago, IL: Rcursion LLC is proud to announce the launch of PixeHome For Buyer, a mobile app for helping home buyers in house hunting process. The company has leveraged its proprietary view technology in mobile application, and crafted an innovative solution to solve a few specific problems faced by home buyers.

For most people, buying house is one of the biggest investments in life. Home buyers do research on real estate market, available home sales, and visit many houses. But, alas, the more houses a buyer visit the more difficult it becomes to remember all the houses. How does the buyer remember the appearance of the first house’s kitchen when he is visiting the 10th house? It just does not make sense to leave it to fleeting memory on such a serious investment.

PixeHome solution is SIMPLE: Snap the house and room photos with a phone and the app will automatically organize them with street addresses, map, date of visit, and room type. Users can annotate the houses and the room’s photos. Rank the houses and sort them, all from the phone. PixeHome leaves no room for ambiguity as far as the house appearance is concerned. Making decision on which house to purchase should not be harder than it needs to.

Buying house is exciting, but can also be stressful. Couples might argue over many aspects of candidate houses. Situations may arise when an agent claims to have found a good match, but the supposedly good match turns out to be a disappointment upon visit. Occasionally home buyers visit a house without their partners, but still hopes their partners can see what they see. In short, stress can stem from seeing things differently by all stakeholders.

PixeHome For Buyer has a collaboration feature to alleviate the stress. With PixeHome, home buyers can create a house hunting “call” consisting of his or her spouse, buyer agent, and other potential helpers. Then, PixeHome links those phone cameras together; A house photo taken by the spouse or agent will automatically appear in the home buyer’s phone, and vice versa. No upload, USB transfer, or file sharing is required. During the house hunting process spanning months, every stakeholder will have exactly the same set of house photos. PixeHome might not get everyone to see things the same way, but it certainly can present the look-and-feel of the houses and rooms consistently through images. And everyone has the same images from their phones, in their palms.

With PixeHome’s built-in collaboration features, a home buyer can also make her agent to work better for her to find her dream home. To claim finding a good match, an agent better backs up the claim by snapping some room photos before the buyer’s visit. Texting on photos also gives PixeHome users an extra means to communicate with their agent.

Some of its salient features and benefits are:

  • Remember 20+ visited homes and their rooms with confidence.
  • Organize house photos by street addresses (GPS-enabled), map, date of visit, and room type.
  • Link phone cameras together and collaborate exclusively.
  • Rank, annotate, and text on house photos to helpers such as buyer agent and spouse.
  • Browse photos and compare; e.g. browse kitchen photos of all visited houses, right from the palms.

Shiou Loh, Founder & CEO of Rcursion Inc, said “Most people have digital photos stored all over different devices and storage. What PixeHome brings in is getting us organized even before the first house photo is taken, with little effort from human side. From then on, all photos taken fall on the right buckets and categories. It is similar to setting up racks for kids’ toys before they mess it up. It is a simple and effective solution. For investment as big as buying a house, we better get organized.”

This innovative app is now available on Android Market at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pixecon.pixehomebuyer.

About Rcursion:
Rcursion is the home to PixeConn eco-system, which allows users to see what matters using images and then allows users to connect to the people and things that they care. Through proprietary view transport technology, PixeConn accomplishes its purpose by allowing you users to request to see the world through still-images on just-in-time basis using contacts information in smart phones. We believe most human interactions is naturally started with seeing images, which could be images formed in their eyes or that of cameras. Once the images are acquired, PixeConn helps making use of the acquired images for their respective applications. PixeConn will also allow consumers to see what merchants can see, and allow merchants to see what consumers can see.

Ways to reach Rcursion/PixeConn:
Tel: 1-312-428-6920
Office hours: Mon-Fri; 8 AM - 5 PM (US Central; GMT -6)
Address: 5 E. College Dr, Suite 15, Arlington Heights, IL, USA


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