Herbalist Offers Healthy Tips for Safe Colon Cleansing

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As more mainstream doctors come to embrace colon cleansing as legitimate medical technique, herbalist Stephanie Ryerson offers tips for a safe cleanse.

Colon cleansing has historically been the province of herbalists and “alternative” doctors, but recent reports have indicated that the technique is slipping into the mainstream. According to a December 2011 report from Oregon Live, more and more people are embracing the colon cleanse as a way to relieve abdominal pain or simply lose weight, with many of them receiving the blessing of their regular physician. However, there is still skepticism about the safety of a home-based, DIY colon cleanse. Stephanie Ryerson, herbalist and owner of the popular organic medicine store NatureCare, says knowing the right safety precautions will ensure a good, healthy colon cleanse.

“Many people are interested in using herbs to rid their body of toxins in order to lose weight,” notes Ryerson. “However, many people fail to understand that exercising the proper safety tips is vital for making sure the cleanse is effective.” Ryerson offers five tips for doing just that.


Ryerson says that the key to a safe cleanse is to understand how it can impact the body, and preparing accordingly.

1. Consult with a physician: Not everyone should do a colon cleanse, particularly those with heart or kidney disease.

2. Check the meds: Certain medications can interfere with a colon cleanse, so ensure that the consulting physician knows all about them.

3. Stay hydrated: The biggest health risk associated with a colon cleanse is dehydration, as the entire process involves major fluid loss.

4. Think about level of intensity: For first-time cleansers, a slow and gentle cleanse is likely going to work better than a more intense one.

5. Prepare for bodily changes: After a colon cleanse, many people find themselves not wanting to eat the same foods as before, which is normal.

Ryerson concludes by noting the single most important trait for a first-time cleanser is simply being patient, and realizing that effects may take time to emerge.


Stephanie Ryerson is an herbal specialist whose store, NatureCare, offers all-natural health and fitness products to residents of Allentown, PA.


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