Holiday Table Talk Tip Sheet: 3 Simple Questions Can Lead to a New Job

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Asking 3 simple questions will help connect job seekers with jobs, and holiday gatherings are the perfect time, according to

"Asking the right questions at a holiday gathering can help someone land a new job for the new year."

These 3 simple questions that can turn holiday table talk into job connections for the job seeker:

1. WHAT? Ask the job seeker, “What job are you looking for?”

If the response is “I’ll take anything!” press for a more useful response since no one is posting jobs for “anything."

If the job seeker can’t name at least one or two target job titles, ask:

o    What did you enjoy doing in your last job? Or, in the job before that? Or before that?
o    If not what you’ve been doing, then what else? Have they volunteered somewhere or taken any classes?

2. WHERE? Ask the job seeker, "Where - which employers - would you like to work for next?”

Often, job seekers don’t have any particular organizations in mind for that new employer. But, knowing the specific employers preferred for that next job makes the job search much easier!

If the job seeker can’t name at least two or three “target” employers, ask:

o    Like your last employer? Or, the employer before that?
o    If not like previous employers, then what other employers would be interesting?

3. WHO? Ask yourself, "Who do I know who could help?"

Do you know:

o    Someone who works at one of those target employers?
o    Someone who works at an employer similar to the target employers?
o    Someone who works in that job. that industry, or that location?
o    Someone else who might help?

Then, introduce your friend to that person or those people.

Employee referrals are most employers’ favorite way to recruit - nearly 65% of all openings are filled through internal movement and referrals, according to the 2011 CareerXRoads Sources-of-Hire study.

Don’t ask awkward questions or be critical. Millions of people are unemployed right now, so even landing a job at McDonald's isn't as easy as most people think.

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