A Record Setting Demand for "Stunners" Is Taking the Wholesale Sunglasses Industry by Storm

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A record setting demand for "Stunners" has taken over the sunglasses fashion world, and shows no sign of stopping. CTS Wholesale Sunglasses has reported an unprecedented demand for what the public refers to as "Stunners" sunglasses. Typically described as being stunning, these sunglasses boast a unique variation of the classic aviator sunglass style, and are selling at an incredible rate of speed.

Stunner Sunglasses

Stunner Sunglasses

Kirk Bachelder also reports customer feedback regarding the new category of Stunner sunglasses has been very positive.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses is reporting an astounding demand for an all-new style of sunglasses, dubbed "Stunners". A direct result of customer feedback, CTS has incorporated an entirely new browsing category on the CTS website to accommodate the public's desire to shop for this new style of sunglasses.

An enhanced social networking presence by CTSwholesaleSunglasses.com has definitely impacted our ability to provide the most sought after sunglasses states CTS owner and president Kirk Bachelder. CTS has recently developed an innovative method of browsing for today's best selling sunglasses, with several all-new categories for styles of sunglasses. Stunners, which are the hottest selling style of sunglasses on the market today, can now be found in one convenient place, and CTS is the first online wholesale sunglasses supplier to provide it. Reputed as being one of the most innovative and knowledgeable supplier of sunglasses, Kirk Bachelder also reports customer feedback regarding the new category of Stunner sunglasses has been very positive.

We know the public wants Stunners, but what exactly are Stunner sunglasses? Stunners can be described as a very stylized adaptation of classic Aviator sunglasses. A standard version of Stunners usually feature an oversized tear shaped lens, with a slightly heavier frame. Another common style of Stunner is a single piece lens with thick frame arms. Stunners however are generally a nice choice of unisex styles, with the color variations being the most determining factor. Stunners tend to have more frame than most lightweight sunglasses styles, and slightly larger frames that slope gently back at the lens edge, curving slightly. Commonly stunners will be adorned with what people refer to as "bling" on the arms as well, be it rhinestones for ladies, or simple metal brand logos on the arms. Wether they lean more towards an aviator style, or the single piece lens option, Stunners are with out a doubt blazing a trail through out the world of fashion eye wear. Some other names they are called is stunna shades, stunnas, stunna sunglasses.


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