New Year's Resolutions are Powerful if They Change Your Brain and Your Body Says Daniel G. Amen, MD

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After reading "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body," Steve Nicander resolved to reclaim his health. Now two years later, he has lost nearly 400 pounds and resolves to help others fight obesity.

"I've learned nothing is impossible if your mind is nourished properly..." --
Steve Nicander

Steve Nicander resolved to lose 400 pounds of weight two years ago, and today he is eight pounds away from achieving his goal without any surgeries, liposuction or gimmick diets. His secret? Following a brain-healthy lifestyle outlined by Daniel G. Amen, MD in his two books “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” and “The Amen Solution.”

At 638 pounds, Dr. Amen says Steve struggled with depression, sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, addiction to alcohol and nicotine, and suffered from chronic pain in his feet that “tortured him day and night.” Because of the pain in his feet he started to fall, and one or two people could never get him up. At this size, Steve would need to call 911 for a team of people to get him off the ground.  Admittedly, Steve considered taking his own life, but for the last 7 months could not make it up the stairs to get his gun.

Then, Steve read Dr. Amen's book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” which he says “changed my life!” (Watch Dr. Amen interview Steve at

“I've learned nothing is impossible if your mind is nourished properly and in the right place,” said Steve who resides in Boston, weighs 246 pounds, has gone from taking 10 medications to two, is no longer diabetic, depressed, drinking, smoking and reports having no pain in his feet. “My ability to now tell my story and pay forward my inspiration to the others still struggling, seems to be one of the main reasons I was spared my life. It has now become my intent and purpose.”

What’s Steve resolving to do in 2012? He is planning skin removal surgery, as well as producing a documentary film to tell his story and encourage others to fight obesity by taking care of their brain.

Dr. Amen has studied more than 70,000 brain scans in his 20-year career using brain SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) imaging, a non-invasive procedure, to look at the functioning of living brains. Through his research, Dr. Amen found that focusing on brain health can significantly impact every area of your life.

“Not only does Steve look and feel dramatically younger, but his brain is younger as well. He has better focus, energy and memory. Ultimately, Steve used his brain to change his age and in the process he saved his life,” Dr. Amen said. “With a healthier brain, he started making better decisions like avoiding anything that hurt his brain, including alcohol and bad food.”

Dr. Amen said Steve also engaged in regular brain-healthy habits, like exercise and learning new things including as much about his health as possible. Steve began to eat only whole, high quality foods, taking supplements and monitored his important numbers like Vitamin D, thyroid and testosterone levels.

“Plus, Steve never saw this program as a diet. He saw it as changing his life ... for the rest of his life,” said Dr. Amen. “So resolutions are powerful if they change your brain and your body.”

Daniel G. Amen, MD founded the Amen Clinics, Inc. (ACI) in 1989 and now has offices in Newport Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. ACI specializes in using detailed clinical histories, brain imaging, and lab testing for innovative diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of problems, including weight issues, ADD, anxiety, depression, autistic spectrum disorders, and memory problems.  Dr. Amen is a physician, child and adult psychiatrist, brain-imaging specialist, and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  Dr. Amen has also authored 28 books, including the New York Times bestsellers, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” and “The Amen Solution.”

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