New Book By Global Visionary Offers Glimpse into New Space Age

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Alien Visitors, Guardian Angels, and an End to War

Ryuho Okawa has just published his latest book, one that several early readers call his most provocative. The Next Great Awakening: A Spiritual Renaissance is not for the close-minded. The author, revered throughout Japan as “Master Okawa,” is the founder and leader of the Happy Science spiritual movement. He has written an astonishing 600 books, many of them bestsellers, including The Laws of the Sun, The Laws of Happiness, The Essence of Buddha, and Invincible Thinking. Some of his books are recorded conversations he had with Higher Spirits, sometimes privately and at other times in a public forum, Okawa, who is believed by his followers (12 million in 70 countries to date) to be the reincarnation of Buddha, has regularly filled stadiums twice the size of the 25,000-seat Madison Square Garden. Although a celebrated figure throughout Japan and other parts of the world, Okawa is relatively unknown in the United States. With publication of this book, the first of a new series to be published in the U.S., this may now change.

The Next Great Awakening begins with a recounting of Okawa’s personal awakening; explains why the “Real World” is not what we see with our limited senses, and goes on to tell the truth about alien visitations in this New Space Age. There is also a chapter filled with literal conversations with four Higher Spirits (Enlil, Athena, Confucius and Rien Arl Crud).

The book’s final chapter details Okawa’s conviction that Earth’s unique destiny is to become the quintessential “Planet of Love,” a role model of utopian perfection and unconditional acceptance of different beings from elsewhere in the Universe. This journey to becoming the Planet of Love, he says, is one we have already begun. Extraterrestrials have long lived among us, Okawa reports, with many more preparing to visit. Those here now and those yet to come will publicly declare themselves once we are able to give up wars and other forms of violence, against each other and against the earth itself.

Okawa also assures us that we each have a specific Guardian Angel assigned to each and every living person, waiting to guide that person—once that person makes the necessary connection. He also reports on the existence of Higher Spirits. Unlike our Guardian Angels, these sage entities are only available to guide those who have awakened to their special mission in life.

Connecting to these ageless, reincarnated spirits is made possible through specific meditations, which are offered by Happy Science in group sessions, and can also be practiced individually.

Yuki Oikawa, who wrote the book's Afterword, is Chief Ambassador and Head Minister for Happy Science U.S.A. “ The mission of Happy Science,” says Yuki, “is to help us awaken to our true spiritual natures, accept the doctrine of reincarnation, and eliminate the extreme stress we not experience in our hectic, over-scheduled, anesthetized lives.” Meditation, he explains, is a powerful form of soul training. Yuki also believes that we must be open to what Happy Science followers call “The Middle Way,” where our minds, bodies, and all human systems are in perfect balance and harmony.

Happy Science ( is non-denominational, and its adherents, who represent and embrace all races and creeds, often report “experiencing miracles every day.”

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