Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Says Help Wanted for the Victims of the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster -- is CNN's Anderson Cooper Available

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Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is saying, "Will someone in the national press, please call CNN's Anderson Cooper and suggest he spend a week down in Florida, taking a really good look at the human side of the toxic Chinese drywall disaster, and the Federal Government's failure to respond, up to, and including President Obama's failure to mention the topic one time in public since taking office." They say, "We think if CNN's Mr. Cooper spends one week in Florida covering this national disaster, and disgrace, he probably will want to grow the story into Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and Southeast Texas, for about a month. The story is that big." The group says, "And the good news for Mr. Cooper, no one will be throwing rocks at you, and you will have thousands, if not tens of thousands of volunteers, who all have a very, very sad story, that includes-financial ruin, no federal government, and children who are really sick."

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the bottom line in all of this is the victims of the US toxic Chinese drywall disaster have not been heard from yet by the nation-and its time

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "The imported toxic Chinese drywall disaster will go down in history as the absolute worst environmental disaster for US homeowners, or renters-ever. After two years, we think it is also one of the, if not the most disgraceful chapters in US history, when it comes to a government that cares, about people in the worst mess of their lives." They say, "Unlike Egypt last week, where Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, or other esteemed members of the national press had to run for their lives from an angry mob, our only security worry is having too many toxic Chinese drywall homeowner victims show up at the same place, and time, all trying to tell their story about how toxic Chinese drywall has destroyed their lives, or their fears about their health, and the health of their children, or loved ones."

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "The bottom line in all of this is the victims of the US toxic Chinese drywall disaster have not been heard from yet by the nation-and its time."The group says, "The toxic Chinese drywall disaster is just that---its a disaster, and this story, or these thousands, and tens of thousands of first hand accounts need to be told, and the nation needs to finally come to grips with this mess, and catastrophic failure to lead from the White House on down." They say, "All CNN's Mr. Copper, or NBC, ABC, CBS have to do is pick a city in Florida, like Miami, Palm Beach, precious Fort Meyers, Tampa, or Saint Petersburg, Orlando, pretty much anyplace in Florida, or the same, anyplace in Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans, or any place rebuilt after Katrina in Louisiana, or even Houston, Texas, and we will make the arrangements." The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "We no longer think the toxic Chinese drywall disaster is contained to the US Southeast, and the clock is ticking to get ahead of this issue, before it destroys more lives, and hurts more people." They say,"Times up. Would someone in the national press please tell this story about helpless and innocent US citizens, and the imported toxic Chinese drywall, that has turned their lives into hell?"

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