On Its First Anniversary "Ending The Nightmares Of Easy Bruising" Desk Reference Book To Be Bound And Given to Pharmacists for Free

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One year ago, Jan Doan introduced the first true reference book that discussed the causes for easy bruising and the means for bruise prevention for those suffering from bruising easily. Now he's having the book comb bound for presenting it to independent pharmacists all over the country for their use in helping their customers.

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Jan Doan, The "Doctor of Bruiseology"

There are no better people to have and use this book than the pharmacists who see people with easy bruising problems every day.

Jan Doan, the self-proclaimed Doctor of Bruiseology, announces that he's having his first book on providing the answers to the questions regarding people's tendency to bruise easily entitled Ending the Nightmares of Easy Bruising or The Definitive Desktop Reference on Bruising Causes and Bruise Prevention is now being bound for presentation to independent pharmacists all over the United States.

When many people suddenly begin to discover bruises on their arms and legs with no recollection of what could have caused the bruises, they typically ask "Why is this happening to me?"

Doan states that he wrote his reference book a year ago to answer that question from others and answer his own questions "Why me?" and "What do I do now?" Now he states "It only makes sense to provide this book to the pharmacists because they're the folks that actually see and deal with the people that have the easy bruising problem directly.

This unique book answers, for the layman, the questions of the whys and hows of the causes of easy bruising. Pharmacists will be able to quickly refer to the book, just like any other reference book, to answer their clients' questions about bruising.

Mr. Doan further commented "Information on easy bruising is scattered all over the internet, but this book is a single source for information on the causes for easy bruising, and a source of true guidance for helping people overcome the tendency to bruise easily."

Folks have gotten life changing answers from the book to questions like these:

  •     What exactly causes a bruise to form?
  •     Why have I just started to bruise easily for almost no reason?
  •     Does my lifestyle have any affect on my easy bruising?
  •     Is there anything I can do to prevent bruising?

Doan also stated "It's so much easier to deal with a problem, if you can seek solutions from a central knowledge base.", and that's the whole reason for placing this book in the hands of the people who can put the information to its best use to help people overcome their tendency to bruise easily.


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