In Honor of Valentine’s Day, 12 Best Ways to Create a Romantic Moment…and 12 Best Ways to Maintain a Relationship

Share Article, where readers submit best ways to handle life’s significant challenges, celebrates Valentine’s Day with 12 ways to create romance and 12 ways to maintain it.

Dress up like Cupid...and read a poem.

Out of ideas for Valentine’s Day?, where readers submit their best ways to handle life’s significant challenges, is releasing lists of 12 unedited Best Ways to Create A Romantic Moment and 12 Best Ways to Maintain A Relationship. All 24 Best Ways were written by readers of the website, Twitter followers and FaceBook friends.

1.    Make A Documentary. “My fiancé is currently making a documentary about my life. I am not allowed to know any specifics, but I do know it is to be a present given to me on our wedding night. Everything is very hush-hush, but he's been a sweetie and it's all very quiet still. I am so honored to have him in my life; it's a wonderful sentiment I will never forget.”
2.    Balloons. “My girlfriend surprised me with balloons in the trunk of my car. She opened it and over 200 balloons flew out.”
3.    Make a website. “On our first valentines day i made a website proclaiming my love for my girlfriend. She went through the entire site knowing knowing it was for her. Until the Very end of it when she started to realize it was about her and she started to softly cry.”
4.    Trail of Roses. “I laid a trail of rose petals around the house of my significant other so that when they came home they had to follow the trail through the rooms. In each room was a small present.”
5.    Dress up like Cupid. “It was Valentine's Day and my young husband decided to demonstrate his love for me after church (which is where we happened to be since it fell on the 14th of February). He came into the Fellowship area dressed as Cupid, tights and sparkling wings included! He shot "arrows" at me that he made himself (He made the whole outfit himself.) and each one had a heart attached to it. He then got down on one knee and read a poem he wrote for me. It was the one of the sweetest things he has ever done ... and we have it on video! Everyone clapped for him and cheered, but admitted later that those tights were a little too revealing! :^)”
6.    Send Roses To The Office. “My husband worked at an oil well repair company. These men were very macho, and thought of themselves as tough guys. It was my husband’s birthday and I was away. I never thought about it being his birthday until the day before and I was 200 miles away on business. I sent him a dozen roses, to his work place. I thought he might be annoyed but he was quite touched by them. He said no one had ever bought him flowers before. He like them very much.”
7.    Midnight picnic. “I was given a romantic midnight picnic on the beach, and got to watch the sun come up! That was a fun night.”
8.    Make a playlist and dance. “When I was first dating the woman I now happily call my wife, I had put together a tape of some of my favorite music that I thought she might like. We were playing it at her apartment when she went into the kitchen to get something. I knew that the next song was "At Last" by Etta James. I decided to stop the tape and start it up when she entered the room and I took her hand and we danced to what would become our song.”
9.    Fake Flowers. “My husband gave me fake flowers for Valentine's Day one year. He said, ‘Real roses die, but like our love, these never will.’ “
10.    Write a poem. “On our 1-year anniversary i took my girlfriend into the woods we usually walk in for a picnic. I had placed roses all around our favorite tree and when we got there i pulled out a bottle of champagne i had hidden behind the tree. i read her a poem i had written about her and we drank in the shade in spring.”
11.    Make breakfast. “One morning I woke up and my boyfriend was gone. I didn't know where he went. It turns out he was downstairs making an amazing breakfast, and when I called for him he rushed upstairs, swooped me out of bed, and carried me down to the morning feast. It was on of the most romantic things I've ever experienced, and it wasn't even a holiday.”
12.    Use FaceBook. “when my boyfriend was on vacation with some of his guy friends he sent me a picture on facebook. he had written in the sand and took a picture of it. The words read "will you marry me baby?" he posted it to my page and waited for my call! when i called him he was back in town but i thought he was still on vacation. It was amazing”

Because these 12 Best Ways To Create A Romantic Moment worked so well, is also releasing 12 Best Ways To Maintain A Relationship.
1.    You never forget what hurts. "Think before you speak in anger. You can forgive someone for a hurtful comment but you never really forget it - so be kind even when you're upset and you will have nothing to regret.”
2.    Let them know what’s going on. “Talk to your significant other. If you're going to be busy with work the next few weeks, let them know ahead of time so they're not left wondering where you've disappeared to and why you never spend time together anymore.”
3.    His and hers bathrooms. “Separate bathrooms. No matter what gender combination the couples are, hygiene and neatness combined can destroy some framework. People are generally a little bit irritable in the morning, and if they aren't, they can still start the day off the wrong way by finding hairs in the sink or the toothpaste crusting over from being uncapped.”
4.    Find the middle ground. “My secret to a happy healthy relationship is the gift of compromise. In a relationship when you and your mate do not see eye-to-eye find that middle ground and compromise. It lessens arguments and anger towards each other.”
5.    Show appreciation. “To maintain a happy, healthy relationship, it is important you let your partner know you appreciate them. Tell your partner 'thank you' every day.”
6.    Conflict resolution. “Learn how to solve conflicts fairly. Problems in the relationship should not be about who wins and who loses, they should be seen as tools to strengthen and grow in the relationship. Learn the art of compromise and appreciate each person's opinion as a valid point.”
7.    Date someone you’re already friends with. “Date your best friend, you can be your self around them and still have fun. It's easier to trust someone you know and you’re also less likely to hurt someone you already care about.”
8.    Don’t be unrealistic. “Be realistic in your expectations. Remember that when someone "disappoints" you, it is more likely that your expectations were unrealistic than that THEY did anything wrong.”
9.    Talk openly and honestly. “The biggest thing that my partner and I do to maintain our relationship is talk to each other. We talk about EVERYTHING. We tell each other about our days and have longer, deeper conversations about serious issues that may come up. We talk openly, honestly, and as often as possible.”
10.    Be patient. “Staying in a committed relationship is simple if you have patience. Patience is key to maintaining a relationship.”
11.    Accept what you can’t change. “Accept the other person as they really are. For the most part, people aren't going to change, so rather than endless arguments you need to figure out how to best accept and deal with the person as they are. For example, if you are a neat freak and your partner is not, it's better to accept that in order to have the house as clean as you want it you will be doing most of the cleaning. Rather than try to change the other person, just make something else his or her 'job' to balance out the effort.”
12.    Laugh. “Never lose your sense of humor. Sometimes after being in a relationship for a long time it is easy to become too wrapped up in mundane, everyday life. If you can always be able to laugh with your partner, even over something silly and retain your sense of humor your relationship will always be fun and interesting. The saying laughter is the best medicine is definitely true for relationships!”

Every hour on the hour, presents a new, reader-submitted idea on how to handle one life’s significant challenges. In the two weeks since the website was launched on February 1, 2011, over 2,000 Best Ways have been submitted and hundreds are following the @1001BestWays Twitter feed.

The first 1,001 of readers' best ways, 1001 Best Ways, Volume 1, will be available in paperback and Kindle on on March 15, with a new volume of 1,001 new best ways scheduled every 6 weeks afterwards.

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