Relax and Save Money at the Same Time: Efficiency Stats Place Bullfrog Spas at the Top of Money Saving Hot Tubs

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Energy efficiency data compiled by the California Energy Commission shows that Bullfrog Spas are at or near the top in every spa category in which they compete.

Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs
"JetPak Technology actually increases efficiency and power at the same time.”

Bullfrog International, manufacturers of innovative hot tubs, announced that stats compiled by the California Energy Commission (CEC) show their spas at or near the top of the list in every size category of portable spas in which they manufacture a spa model.

California’s Appliance Efficiency Program requires that all portable electric spas meet certain standards of energy efficiency.* The CEC also maintains data on specific manufacturers and models which shows that all models of Bullfrog Spas were not only well within their standards, but Bullfrog Spas were also always in the top 4 in each category in standby watts used. Standby watts is a key measure of spa efficiency, indicating energy consumption during periods when the spa is not in use. Lower standby energy consumption relates directly to lower overall energy use and lower costs to consumers.

Bullfrog Spas made no modifications from their standard production spas for the CEC testing program and still came out at or near the top in each category. In some categories the Bullfrog models not at the top of the lists were only listed behind other Bullfrog Spas models.

Bullfrog Spas are able to maintain greater energy efficiency than standard hot tubs due, in large part, to their patented JetPak System. This technology places up to 90% of the spa plumbing within the hot water of the spa itself, situated out of site behind the JetPaks. This exclusive system allows heat to be recycled from the plumbing directly into the spa water and vice versa instead of allowing heat to escape to the outside environment from exposed plumbing underneath the spa.

Bullfrog Spas founder and CEO, and the inventor of the JetPak System, Dave Ludlow commented, “The JetPak System is all about efficiency. JetPaks allow Bullfrog Spas to utilize about 90% less plumbing and far fewer pipe fittings than conventional spas.” He continues, "JetPak Technology actually increases efficiency and power at the same time.”

Ludlow suggests an easy test as an example of this principle, “Take a garden hose that is 100 feet long and blow through it. It’s difficult. Next, blow through a 10 foot section of hose. It’s easy. The efficiency of the JetPak System is even more pronounced than in this test because it also removes most bends and pipe fittings in our system that can constrict or interrupt water flow and decrease the efficiency in all other spa plumbing systems.”

Bullfrog Spas are also fully insulated with dense polyurethane foam and are covered with premium tight-fitting hot tub covers to maximize their already industry-leading energy efficiency. In fact, depending on energy costs and spa usage habits, Bullfrog Spas have been shown to cost as little as $12-24 a month to operate.

For more information on the most energy efficient hot tubs made today visit the Bullfrog Spas hot tub blog and website.

*CEC Appliance Efficiency Program, 1605.3(g)(6) Portable Electric Spas. The normalized standby power, as defined in Section 1604(g)(2)(I), of portable electric spas manufactured on or after January 1, 2006, shall be not greater than 5(V²/³) watts where V = the fill volume, in gallons.

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