SinusWars LLC Launches into the United Kingdom, Opens a Gateway to the European Market. is Born

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Following a large number of loyal customers coming from the UK and Europe, It is no surprise that SinusWars in keeping with customer satisfaction always guaranteed, has made the crucial move into supplying the international market from a warehouse in the UK. This wonderful service now allows customers from around the world to experience an even faster and efficient delivery time on their products, hence improving your experience with the Company.

SinusWars New UK warehouse brings SinusWars to the world

SinusWars New UK warehouse brings SinusWars to the world offers faster shipping for all UK and EU countries. Now the world can get sinuswars at their doorsteps.

The new website was designed with simplicity and quality in mind. The international customers will enjoy a much more user friendly website to assist and an easy to process to place orders. The website has included Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express which will allow the majority of the EU to order fantastic SinusWars products.

The range of products that will be available on are as follows.

SinusWars1-Treatment of hay fever and almost all allergies.
SinusWars1 helps build a resistance to allergens (trees, weeds, pollens) allowing the body to react less violently when it comes into contact with allergen causing particles. It also helps treat the associated symptoms such as headaches, watery eyes, rhinitis and sneezing.

SinusWars2-Post Nasal Drip (Dripping of excess mucus down your throat)
SinusWars2 helps control the production and flow of mucus, thus getting rid of the excess mucus that drips down the back of your throat. It also helps with sore throats, hacking and coughing.

SinusWars4-General Sinus and Ear Infections
SinusWars4 is a great product that treats frontal pressure and congestion around the forehead or frontal sinus area. This product is also good for ear and mastiod infections.

SinusWars5-Damaged mucus membranes
Damaged mucus membranes are often caused by infections, surgeries, frequent swimming and substance abuse. These broken cells are a haven for bacteria. SinusWars5 helps repair the membranes thus destroying the bacteria that live there. It also helps with post surgery healing for nasal polyps.

SinusWars7-Blocked Nasal Passages and Inflammation
This is one of our best internal decongestants. It helps liquefy stuck mucus, thereby promoting drainage. It also helps kill any possible infection (yellow mucus) and reduces pressure, congestion and headaches.

SinusWars8-Chronic Sinusitis treatment
This is the ultimate treatment for Chronic sinusitis. It helps kill the infection, maintain proper sinus functioning and boosts the immune system.

SinusWars9-Sinus Infection and Sinus Headache
SinusWars9 treats sinus infections with headaches. It helps your body kill the infection while treating both the pain and congestion symptoms. It also works well with green mucous.

SinusWars10-Allergies, Congestion/Pressure and Headaches
SinusWars10, our all new nasal spray. A 3 in 1 nasal spray that targets congestion, allergies and headaches. What’s best is its non addictive, safe to use and has no known side effects.

SinusWars13-Nasal Polyps
This remedy helps reduce the size of current nasal polyps and prevents new ones from growing.

SinusWars14-General Sinusitis
This is the remedy that targets any general sinus complaints including halitosis and post nasal drip.

With recent financial stress, SinusWars15 is the product that will stand by your side and make everything a little more manageable.

This natural product helps balance inner ear fluid and helps repair vital ear organs reducing the annoying sounds associated with this condition.
With a large product range, good branding and advertising, SinusWars will become a major player in the EU.

To view all SinusWars products you can go to

SinusWars UK has a specialised callcenter dedicated for fuss free consultation or any queries on your Sinus Conditions.

UK Website :
UK only contact number: 020-337-24711

US Website:
USA Toll free number: 800 275 5795

International contact number: +1-(212)-901-0805

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