Teacher Compiles Book of Jokes Collected from Students

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New book filled with dry humor and amusing illustrations for children

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Lanehart created The Dry Off Book series after hosting a joke contest in his school on Monday mornings.

After accumulating hundreds of jokes from his middle school students over the years, author Jackson Lanehart compiled The Dry Off Book series, a collection of dry and corny jokes geared toward children ages seven to 17. His latest edition of the series, The Dry Off Book 2: The Dynamically Dumb Duo Edition Twice as Dry! (published by AuthorHouse), features even more witty humor for readers to enjoy themselves and retell to friends.

Lanehart created The Dry Off Book series after hosting a joke contest in his school on Monday mornings. His students would submit jokes into a cardboard box placed in the classroom, appropriately named the “dry box”. Lanehart would select five jokes from the box to read aloud to the class, who would then score them according to the dryness of the content. After holding onto hundreds of his students’ entries since 1985 when the contest began, he decided to share the collection of jokes with others through his book series, consisting of The Dryoff Book 1: The Mysteriously Silly Solo Edition and now The Dryoff Book 2: The Dynamically Dumb Duo Edition. Lanehart engages readers young and old with refreshing and innocent humor. Many of the jokes are illustrated with clipart.

Question: What do you cut waves with?
Answer: A sea saw.

Question: What do you call a cat that robs a fast food restaurant?
Answer: A cat burger-lar.

Question: Why couldn’t the geometry teacher teach?
Answer: He broke his angle. (Ankle)

Question: Why don’t anteaters ever get sick?
Answer: Because they are full of little antibodies.

About the Author
Jackson Lanehart taught elementary, junior high and middle school for 36 years in the Jacksonville, Fla. area and retired from the public school system in 2006. He is now a high school teacher at a private high school in Jacksonville, teaching high school and college mathematics. Lanehart also works as realtor for a local broker in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. and is a personal financial representative for a national financial services company, assisting his clients with financial planning. He enjoys fishing, biking, surfing and going to the beach in the summer. Lanehart plans to publish a third edition of The Dryoff Book.

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