Top L.A. Acting Coach, Michelle Danner, is Directing the Feature Film, Hello Herman

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Michelle Danner has coached many A-List Actors privately and on set including Gerard Butler, Chris Rock, Seth MacFarlane, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Penelope Cruz, Michael Pena, Isla Fisher, Common, Salma Hayek, Brian McKnight, James Franco, Marcia Cross, Christian Slater, Catherine Bell, Zooey Deschanel, Gabrielle Union, Justin Chatwin, Justine Wadell, Rob Estes, Rick Fox, and Sally Kellerman among many others. She has directed and acted in over thirty plays and musicals in New York and Los Angeles. Her favorite acting credits include Tennessee William's The Rose Tattoo; critic's pick and five Dramalogue awards including best actress. She raised 1.3 million in Capital campaign which went to the construction of the two theatres and the art gallery at Edgemar Center of the Arts. Her production company, Capricorn Films, is in development for several film projects: You're on the Air, The Will To.....and Hello Herman.

Michelle Danner, Artistic Director at Edgemar Center of the Arts is gearing up to begin shooting “Hello Herman” at the end of this month. The film “Hello Herman” is based on the play of the same name which has previously been performed at Edgemar Center.

Video Games, Violent Movies, Marilyn Manson, The Internet, Prozac, or Fame? What drives a teenager to cross the line and become a high-school shooter? More importantly, how do we stop it? Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Lax Morales is looking for a follow-up to his groundbreaking undercover piece on white supremacists. Although his video blog has an unprecedented online following among teens, Lax has been written off as internet trash by the elite of the publishing world. He needs a big story and he knows it.

Hello Herman is a mind-blowing examination of why tragic events like Columbine and Virginia Tech continue to happen in our country. No stone is left unturned as our hero enters the core of Iowa State Prison to ask Herman Howards point blank why he did what he did. Over the course of three days, while Lax discovers what makes Herman tick, the State pushes for his televised execution. Through the two characters' back-stories we get a sense of the larger world surrounding this issue and the larger issues brought about the world we are creating.

Norman Mailer's legacy lives on, not only in the minds and hearts of his global readership, but through the pen of his youngest son, John Buffalo, High Times editor, novelist, journalist, and playwright. John has written a morality play about a Columbine-style high-school killer, using such difficult material as both a narrative context and a conduit to broader conversation about the the turbulent and misapprehended condition of modern society in the United States.

Michelle Danner directed the play and is now preparing to direct the film: “Hello Herman”. Shooting of the film is set to begin Spring of 2011.

Michelle Danner is the Artistic Director at Edgemar Center for the Arts which has The Acting Studio at Edgemar under its roof, the top acting studio in Santa Monica.

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--Jason Flores Williams--
"John Buffalo Mailer's HELLO HERMAN is a powerful and important work, a darkly brilliant tone poem about America's tango with violence and fame. Herman will get under your skin. He may even follow you home. What is certain is you won't soon forget him. "HELLO HERMAN” is .... relevant, powerful and fearless. I walked away thinking about the state of our country, the state of our youth, the state of our media, and the twisted glitz and cheap plastic that is (barely) holding together the blood and guts of the American condition. HELLO HERMAN needs to be seen in high schools, colleges, …....and on street corners across this country. It needs to be held up as a mirror so that we see what we've become—a society that possesses so much potential, but like the wasted youth in the play, is sentencing itself to death before it ever even started to live."

-- Nobody Rocks Press ---
"…...It ripped into the emptiness of our fame culture. We don’t strive and sacrifice for individualized meaning. We don’t strive and sacrifice for something beautiful or higher. But we’ll kill each other to be on TV. We’ll piss on the heart of life to hear our name on something as stupid as Fox News. The lust for that 15 minutes has become the driving force in American existence."

"Hello Herman needs to be seen in high schools, colleges..........and on street corners across this country. It needs to be held up as a mirror so that we see what we’ve become - a society that possesses so much potential, but like the wasted youth in the play, is sentencing itself to death before it ever even started to live."


"Hello Herman" Wraps Filming in Los Angeles features “Hello Herman” in one of their recent articles. “The film, an unflinching examination of today’s society through the eyes of a young copycat killer and the journalist who sees the tragedy as a potential boost for his own career.”

"Michelle Danner" by covers Director Michelle Danner and her new movie “Hello Herman.” In this article, Michelle talks about her hope that the film will spark much-needed dialogue between our nation’s youths and their peers.

Director Michelle Danner on "Everything Film Show"

Acting coach Michelle Danner stops by to talk about working with stars like Gerard Butler and Chris Rock, and also to discuss her new film adaptation of John Buffalo Mailer’s “Hello Herman” starring Norman Reedus, Martha Higareda and newcomer Garrett Backstrom.
Director Michelle Danner on 1310 WDTW radio show

Acting coach to the stars, Michelle Danner has a star-studded movie coming out soon and talks with Tony about how it ties in with what we talk about on the show.

"Michelle Danner Teams Up with John Buffalo Mailer (Son of Norman Mailer) in the New Film "

Director Michelle Danner goes on Al Cole’s “People of Distinction” to discuss her fabulous career, and to tell us all about one of the most provocative films of our time.!/9424.html

"Michelle Danner Directing Feature Adaptation of 'Hello Herman'"

American Chronicle covers “Hello Herman” in one of their articles. The article talks about the film and how the story found new life as a film.


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