Announces Initiative to Create Awareness Among Consumers of Alternative Mobile International Calling Options

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Long distance international provider, a leading provider of prepaid and postpaid long distance calling services has announced an initiative to raise awareness among mobile phone users of alternative calling options when making international calls from a mobile phone. Starfone’s research indicates that mobile phone users with a need for international calling often times avoid doing so from their cell phones because of several reasons including extremely high rates charged by the underlying mobile phone provider, a lack of readily available information regarding making international calls from their mobile phone, or because they block direct dialed international calls entirely. The initiative aims to educate consumers on their options and present alternative solutions that address the various challenges faced by mobile phone users with a strong need for a consumer friendly mobile international calling solution.

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Long Distance International Calling with Pinless Dialing Reduces Mobile International Call Costs

For mobile phone users that have a serious need for an affordable and quality oriented international calling solution, the pinless dialing solution from is the perfect complement to their mobile phone plan., a US-based provider of long distance international calling services aims through a new initiative to bring awareness to mobile phone users of the existence of alternative consumer friendly mobile international calling options. Of the many mobile phone users that have a regular need for international calling services, many never consider the use of their mobile phone as an option for placing those calls citing several reasons not the least of which is the extremely international phone rates for international calls charged by the underlying mobile phone carrier. Other challenges include the fear of leaving a phone open to fraud and as a result blocking international calls entirely. Starfone’s initiative aims to bring awareness of international calling solutions that are ideally suited to mobile international calling and that address the various challenges faced by consumers with a need for a suitable mobile international calling solution.

It is true that some savvier consumers purchase physical calling cards from local convenience stores in an attempt to make cheap long distance calls from a mobile phone. Unfortunately cards purchased in that fashion have proved not to be an ideal solution for many consumers, some of which find that the rate advertised may often prove to be inaccurate once additional fees are added. Others find poor quality when attempting to complete a call. There is always of course the inconvenience of having to make a trip to purchase a card.

Starfone itself operates an international calling platform that some compare to a pinless calling card system. The system allows users to place international calls from any phone using a PIN, however making calls from a phone that is preregistered with Starfone allows the placement of calls that do not require a PIN. Online account management allows for access to all call history and the maintenance of credit limits so as to avoid the possibility of over spending or excessive charges in the case of fraud. The pinless dialing solution Starfone claims, addresses the challenges faced by consumers seeking a viable mobile international calling solution including affordable mobile international calls through lower international calling rates. Additional key benefits include effective budget management achieved by setting a prepaid limit for international calls and online call management from a single customer account for easy record keeping and access to call history. There is also no need to change international cellular providers, purchase new phones or get new numbers.

Starfone has been providing affordable long distance international rates and communication solutions for many years. The company has also been noted for providing high quality connections for their cheap long distance calls in addition to a focus on customer service. A key component of the Starfone offering is its focus on call quality and on a “clean” offering, with no hidden charges or fees often used by long distance phone companies as a way to recoup revenue on what appears to be low calling rates that they provide. The hidden fees and charges added to a typical users bill has a drastic impact on the end price of a typical call.

“There is no longer a reason to believe that your mobile phone is not a viable option when making international calls. In addition, Starfone is committed to a clean international long distance offering and our product speaks for itself. We are very much against unscrupulous practices intended to deceive end users and we believe our many happy customers appreciate our position on this.” states Ivan Gorgeon, Director of Operations for Starfone.    

Pinless dialing refers to a long distance calling system where the caller does not need to dial a PIN when accessing the long distance international calling platform. After dialing an access number, the system does not require a PIN to be entered to complete the call. An end user merely enters their destination number, and the call is completed. This form of long distance communication is not only easier and more convenient, but also saves time and cost in the long run.    

Starfone pinless dialing solutions are made possible by their business model, which requires the customer to create an online prepaid or postpaid calling account. Customers will then register their usual phone numbers online with Starfone and purchase appropriate calling credit online via a number of flexible electronic payment options. Having registered their phone number with Starfone, the end user’s phone number is identified by the system when the caller dials the long distance calling platform. The caller is verified and the call is completed without the need to enter a PIN. When calling from a phone other than the registered phone number callers may still complete calls using a PIN.

A stated by Ivan Gorgeon, Starfone’s Director of Operations: “For consumers that have a serious need for an affordable and quality oriented long distance international solution, the pinless dialing solution from is the perfect complement to their mobile phone plan. If you have a regular need to communicate internationally, and you want cheap calls mobile phone provider default plans are not an option. By registering your mobile phone number with Starfone, and programming the Starfone access number as a speed dial in your mobile phone, you have the perfect solution for bypassing the exorbitant long distance international calling rates charged by your underlying mobile phone provider and have access to cheap international mobile calls. In addition, our “Stardial” system built into our platform, allows end users to store 100 destination numbers as speed dials as well, making this not only an affordable long distance calling solution, but a very convenient one as well”.

As an alternative to traditional physical calling cards or prepaid phone cards, users enjoy a number of practical benefits when using the Starfone service, an advanced calling solution that is much more than just a phone card online, including the actual absence of a physical card which can be difficult or inconvenient to handle. There is as stated earlier no need for PIN's and users enjoy high quality call connections while being served a number of flexible online and electronic payment options unlike physical cards which typically require cash payments only and require a trip to a location to purchase cards. The Starfone system being fully online provides convenient payment and refill options with postpaid and prepaid billing options available.

Starfone’s initiative to raise awareness among mobile phone users of the existence of alternative solutions for making international calls from their mobile phone is timed well it seems among the increasing penetration of mobile phone use, especially with the more recent proliferation of smart phones. In addition, the ever increasing shift towards globalization in the business world and the increasing need for real time access to staff means that a viable international calling solution from a mobile phone is an important consideration in the business world. We can add to this the more recent phenomenon of the “mobile phone only” household and it becomes more and more clear that this new initiative is rooted in sound thinking and that Starfone just may be onto something.

For more information on Starfone’s initiative and pinless international calling solutions visit Starfone on the web at or contact them by telephone at 1 (877) 782-7412.

About is value-added provider of long distance international prepaid and postpaid calling services and enjoys the patronage of thousands of long distance callers who use its services as a provider of some of the cheapest international calls daily to connect with friends and family in over 300 countries worldwide. Through an online pinless calling system callers dial a toll-free number or one of thousands of local access numbers using a pre-registered phone, and without entering a PIN, dial a destination number to anywhere in the world, connect and start talking. The pinless long distance calling system is the surest way for callers to call international cheap and obtain the lowest mobile international rates.


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