ClipClash Expands its Video Centric Social Game to All Viral Video Categories and Adds New Gaming Features

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ClipClash has launched a new version of its video social game, enabling its growing community to build their fantasy broadcast channels with a mix of program genres in addition to the music videos they currently enjoy. With the enhanced ClipClash platform, players can now include clips within their channel from such popular areas as comedy, animation, movie trailers, sports highlights, news and user generated content. Along with the expanded content options, ClipClash has enhanced game playability by enabling players to earn badges and experience points while climbing through multiple skill levels and unlocking more gaming elements.

What makes the ClipClash game really unique is bringing together video sharing and entertainment in a competitive social gaming environment.

ClipClash today announced the release of its enhanced video social game, expanding the variety of available video content and adding more gaming and social features. Now ClipClash players can program their personal channel with all types of popular video content, earn badges for completing various tasks and goals, climb through multiple game levels as they become more skilled in the game, and recommend and gift video clips to friends for inclusion in their personal ClipClash video channels.

While ClipClash players have enjoyed programming their personal music video channel, they will now be able to build broader program offerings by adding video clips from wide range of content categories such as comedy videos, animation, film, television, sports, news and user generated content.

In addition, ClipClash players are now rewarded with badges for many game actions, such as adding and selling clips on their channel, viewing of their channel by other ClipClash players and viewers, and increases in the virtual value of their clips. And as players become more expert in their game play, their status badges will rise in importance, climbing from “Rookie” all the way to “Supreme”, with accompanying rewards of having more Goldies (the ClipClash virtual currency) added to their accounts, as well as bragging rights.

Moreover, ClipClash has introduced multiple skill levels that players achieve by earning experience points (XP) for each single activity such as buying a clip, recommending clips, and making a profit on a previously purchase clip, to name a few. The higher the video clip is valued within a player’s channel, the more experience points the players earns. And as players climb through the skill levels, more gaming elements are unlocked.

Finally, ClipClash has expanded its social features to include the gifting and recommending video clips to friends. With these new features, if a player comes across amazing videos that he wants to share with friends, he can easily recommend them through his buddy list. Players can even purchase video clips with their own Goldies and “gift” them to their friends for their own ClipClash channel.

“We will continue to expand our range of available video content as well as the gaming and social elements of ClipClash, as this is what makes the ClipClash game really unique - bringing together video sharing and entertainment in a competitive social gaming environment,” stated Offer Kohen, CEO and Founder of ClipClash.

“While music videos will continue to be a very popular part of the ClipClash gaming experience, we want players to be able to add more variety to their channel.” Kohen explained. “As a result, ClipClash gamers can now program their channel more broadly, by adding new types of clips - whether a slam dunk highlight, a joke from a late night talk show monologue, a kitten falling asleep, or the best Super Bowl commercial. And players also get the added benefit of seeing instantly what each video clip is worth in the Video universe.”

ClipClash also has added an interactive tutorial to to help newcomers quickly become familiar with its new features to help get their video empire started. And to further incentivize new players to try out the game and see how easy it is to start building their own video empire, every player that registers and completes the tutorial will have a chance to win an iPad.

About ClipClash is a unique online platform where video meets social gaming. ClipClash lets users build their own video empire while interacting and competing with friends. ClipClash also provides video program services with new, added means to monetize their offerings. The ClipClash patented system and sophisticated algorithms continually index and monitor the popularity of individual video clips. ClipClash Inc. is a privately owned online video platform start up, founded, managed and funded by seasoned Internet and digital media entrepreneurs and private investors.

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