Pitchers Power Drive Introduces a New Hitters Power Drive

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Pitchers Power Drive is introducing the Hitters Power Drive hitting training aid that is for use in training hitters to move linear and then rotational in the baseball swing.

Training hitters to move linear and then rotational in the baseball swing for power.

Pitchers Power Drive (TM) today is pleased to introduce the Hitters Power Drive. Like its precursors, the Pitchers Power Drive and Softball Power Drive, the Hitters Power Drive is a hitters training aid designed to help hitters to initiate their drive through the swing starting with their back hip and leg which initiates the kinetic power chain of hitting a baseball. It teaches hitters to move linear and then rotational into the baseball to achieve maximum power from their lower body.

"We are happy to now have a hitting training aid that is very functional in teaching to maximize the use of a hitters stronger lower body muscles," said John Miller, president, of Pitchers Power Drive. "We have had great success in the first two years with our Pitchers Power Drive professional / collegiate edition that is being used in hundreds of high schools and baseball academy’s, over 175 collegiate programs, 9 professional teams and many professional pitchers. College and professional coaches were requesting us to design a Hitters Power Drive that could teach the same importance to hitters of using the stronger lower body muscles. In the Hitters Power Drive we now have a product that can teach hitters the importance of using their stronger lower body muscles as the starting point of the kinetic power chain."

The Hitters Power Drive has the same multisensory training aid attributes as the Pitchers Power Drive and Softball Power Drive which gives the hitter instant positive auditory CLICK feedback when done properly. This auditory sound and kinetic feel teaches hitters to use their lower body muscles as they hit at the right time. Designed into the Hitters Power Drive is a tab on the backside of the device which gives a negative auditory CLICK to indicate if a batters weight is to far back - referred to as dumping their weight. So now a batter has positive CLICK feedback when done right and negative or no CLICK feedback when done wrong.

Miller said “the Hitters Power Drive model has been tested and used as a training aid in his Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy in Boston and by the Roundtripper Academy in Indianapolis. Several professional coaches and trainers had input in the development of the hitters training aid.” Miller added that "for functional hitting training, we designed an adjustable foot plate for right, left or switch hitters with a slight 15 degree angle to provide a natural stance. This design characteristic makes functional hitting on the training aid possible. The success of our product designs for training is that they all are functional in training the correct muscle memory for skill development with auditory CLICK feedback.”

The Hitters Power Drive is made in the USA out of solid ¼ inch US produced steel and then powder coated for durability. It is 14” in circumference which is designed very low to the ground weighing 19 lbs. The design is built to last a players career and to with stand heavy team and academy use. The new Hitters Power Drive model is priced at $195 and may be purchased directly from Hitters Power Drive at http://www.hitterspowerdrive.com.

About Pitchers Power Drive
Pitchers Power Drive is based in Holliston, Massachusetts. They are the developer of the US patented Pitchers Power Drive Professional / Collegiate model, the Pitchers Power Drive Youth model and Softball Power Drive. The design of the Pitchers Power Drive comes from their extensive experience working with and training pitchers at the Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy. Pitchers Power Drive is a trademark of Pitchers Power Drive. To learn more about Pitchers Power Drive visit the Pitchers Power Drive website. You can also follow Pitchers Power Drive on Facebook, Pitchers Power Drive on Twitter, Pitchers Power Drive on YouTube, and on the Pitchers Power Drive Blog.

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