HQ Hometek Announces Crawlspace Ventilation Unit to Make Crawl Spaces Friendlier

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HQ Hometek has developed a Crawlspace Ventilation Unit that has been effective in extracting moisture and air pollutants out of the crawlspace.

Crawl Space Unit

Dramatically improve air quality in the crawlspace

HQ Hometek has developed a Crawlspace Ventilation Unit that has been effective in extracting moisture and air pollutants out of the crawlspace. It will maintain a drier and healthier environment in the crawl space that will no longer be a source of problems in the entire house. The concept is to ventilate the entire crawl space, control the air flow by utilizing replenishment air exclusively from the upper levels and to maximize air circulation. Keeping the crawl spaces drier, warmer and ventilated has been proven to achieve maximum results and control the environment year round.

Crawlspaces have notoriously poor air quality and excessive moisture. These conditions are naturally part of the environment and are often ignored and perceived to be unsolvable. The moisture nourishes molds, mites, infestation and will saturate into the floors and beams that deteriorates the structural integrity. It’s the primary point of entry of radon, toxic vapors and accumulation of pollutants. The stack effect of air movement in the home results in the migration of harmful and unhealthy pollutants into the upper levels, and the reality is that the area cannot be hermetically sealed off.

The system comes with balanced air replenishment, controlled ventilation that initially expels the air at a high rate, until favorable conditions are achieved. Once achieved, it will ventilate at a low rate to create mandatory air exchanges throughout the house and control the conditions in the crawl space. By adjusting ventilation rates the energy impact is minimal and actually increases HVAC efficiency; as the equipment is operating in a drier environment. This has been documented in independent studies that show, the overall HVAC costs for the entire house drop in a dry environment, as opposed to leaving foundation vents open.

The prevalent approach of depending on foundation vents for ventilation exasperates the problems, by introducing moisture and spores into a damp environment conducive for their propagation. The high levels of gases and pollutants cannot be relieved with a dehumidifier that basically recirculates the same stagnant air. The Ventilation unit will control the environment year round without any maintenance, buckets of water, or filters and using less wattage than a light bulb.

The HQ Hometek Ventilation units are installed in military housing, public housing, property management, builders and thousands of homes across the country. The units are performance guaranteed, easy to install and are automatically controlled. The concern for a healthier and sustainable home warrants the installation of a unit that provides both moisture control and air quality with improved conditions throughout the entire house.

HQ Hometek, based in Oceanside NY is the US distributor for Humidex. The range of models includes units for basements, slab homes and condominium apartments. HQ Hometek is a full support company providing training, technical support and marketing assistance. The company’s product lines consist of patented proven superior technologies for water and air quality issues that are environmentally friendly, easy and affordable.

Go to the website http://www.hqhometek.com/pub/Moisture-and-Air-Quality for information on the technology and on the other energy savings products for the home.

HQ Hometek
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