KnowledgeVision, 3Play Media Team Up to Bring Interactive Transcripts to Online Presentations

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KnowledgeVision Systems has added tightly-sychronized interactive transcripts to its online presentation system, dramatically increasing the interactivity and searchability of video presentations on the web. The time-synchronized transcription technology comes to online presentations through a partnership between KnowledgeVision and 3Play Media, two Boston-area companies.

interactive transcripts for online presentations

KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich demonstrates the online presentation system's new interactive transcript feature (lower right)

Interactive transcripts are an incredibly valuable way for anyone to search and more around in a KnowledgeVision presentation. The world's most flexible online presentation platform just got more powerful.

Two Boston-area technology companies, KnowledgeVision Systems and 3Play Media, have combined forces to incorporate interactive transcripts into online, on-demand video presentations. Now, viewers of KnowledgeVision online presentations will be able to search and navigate those presentations using time-synchronized transcripts created by 3Play Media.

KnowledgeVision’s tools tightly synchronize video or audio, presentation slides (such as those created by Microsoft PowerPoint), just-in-time footnotes, and virtual handouts into interactive presentations that can be placed into websites and email marketing campaigns. A KnowledgeVision Transcript Widget is one of a series of components that may be plugged into a KnowledgeVision player to make it even more engaging and interactive.

A demonstration of the KnowledgeVision transcript widget in action may be found at

“Interactive transcripts are an incredibly valuable way for anyone to search and move around in a KnowledgeVision presentation,” said KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich. “And they also help KnowledgeVision’s customers meet today’s accessibility standards for the hearing impaired. The world’s most flexible online presentation platform just got more powerful.”

The KnowledgeVision Transcript Widget incorporates specially-processed files from 3Play Media. 3Play Media turns KnowledgeVision’s video or audio files into transcripts that are tightly matched, word-by-word, to cue points in the original video file. As a KnowledgeVision presentation plays, a scrolling transcript appears, with each word highlighted as it is spoken. KnowledgeVision viewers may interact with the Transcript Widget in one of two ways:

  •      Typing a word into a search box displays every instance of that word in the transcript, and the viewer may then choose to skip to that part of the presentation; and
  •      Clicking on any word in the scrollable transcript will instantly re-cue the presentation to the matching part of the presentation.

3Play Media was founded on technology first developed in the Spoken Language Systems Group at MIT. The company employs a combination of computer-based speech recognition and human editors to create highly accurate, time-synchronized transcripts at costs competitive with conventional paper transcripts. These transcripts may then be easily imported into KnowledgeVision’s content creation platform, KVStudio.

“KnowledgeVision is a natural match for 3Play Media’s time-synchronized transcript solutions,” said Josh Miller, who heads business development for 3Play Media. “KnowledgeVision has set a new bar for online presentation interactivity, and we’re pleased to be partnering with them to raise that bar even higher.”

About KnowledgeVision
Based in Concord, Massachusetts, KnowledgeVision Systems serves the world’s growing need for on-demand and live knowledge by creating rich, engaging presentations that synchronize video or audio, PowerPoint and other images, just-in-time footnotes, and virtual handouts into interactive presentation experiences. These are viewable on the Web at any time with any type of computer. KnowledgeVision is the world’s most powerful and flexible online presentation platform. KnowledgeVision presentations are used in the Americas, Europe, and Asia for sales and marketing, training and professional development, and communications with customers, employees, and investors. For more information, visit

About 3Play Media
3Play Media is a leading provider of time-synchronized transcription & captioning services, including interactive transcripts and video search. Its customers include universities, corporations and web companies. 3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students and is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit


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