More Than A Shop Expands Its Software Product Selection to Include Open Source Software

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Open Source Software while its free, it certainly isn't second class software. Learn how free open source programs can get you out of a jam.

The saying: 'You get what you pay for' isn't always true. Open Source Software is the exception!

More Than A Shop offers a full line of commercially available consumer products such as Microsoft Office, PhotoShop and DreamWeaver. Company representatives just announced they will now also carry full line of free open source products starting March 15th, 2011.

Representatives of More Than A Shop felt they had to start offering free open source software alternatives to the commercially available software products. Its part of their corporate mission which is to provide customers with solutions instead of just a listing of products.

Recently, one of their customers was facing a situation where his Windows Vista operating system had become so corrupt that he could no longer reboot his computer. He had important information on his computer that he needed to be able to access. Reinstalling his windows operating system was not an option as he had lost his installation disk along with the receipt. The customer had originally purchased his operating system from another software company. More Than A Shop representatives, therefore, could not simply just send him another installation disk.

Because he had access to another computer and an internet connection, representatives from More Than A Shop were still able to offer assistance. Representatives directed him to a website for downloading a free copy of the Ubunta operating system.

Ubunta is an open source computer operating system that can be installed on just about any computer.    It can also be run from a CD leaving the current window operating system in tack. Open source software is software that is not patented, and its free for anyone to use. The purpose in making it free is to encourage individuals within the community to further develop and refine the product.

When most people think of a word processing program, the first name that often comes up is Microsoft Office. If asked for good software package for editing photos, most people mention PhotoShop. These are great software programs which are well written and are easy to use, however, they are a bit pricey.

There are alternatives to each of these programs. The staff at More Than A Shop looked into each of these alternative programs and found that they work just as well as their expensive brand name counter parts. These programs fall under the category of open source. The Ubunta operating system comes with many of the equivalent free versions of the most popular programs.

It shouldn't be the just the responsibility of potential customers to research and find the exact product that will best meet their needs. Retailers should also be fully engaged in researching and offering advice on which products will best meet the needs of a potential customer. The company president was quoted as saying, “We're in the business of offering solutions to individuals. People visit websites in the hopes that they will find the answer to their problems.”

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