Charlie Sheen May Be Casualty of Bad Network Karma

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Charlie Sheen can be seen as latest casualty in historical string of troubled stars from CBS network.

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"CBS has not had such a profound impact on a celebrity’s well-being since the network canceled The Judy Garland Show."

I Wanna Be On® management recently evaluated its 2006 first-look deal with CBS Eye Too Productions in light of efforts by Shaman Lawyer Vincent, an I Wanna Be On® Packaged Personality,, to confirm an inquiry from an alleged representative from Charlie Sheen’s camp regarding his warlock assassin campaign. Forget a morals clause, any deal with CBS should have a bad karma clause!

Shaman Lawyer Vincent concludes,
“CBS seems to be a persnickety network for mismanaging top celebrities with sensitive egos and unique talents. Charlie Sheen can be considered the latest casualty in the network’s historical trajectory. The objective data clearly indicates that CBS has not had such a profound impact on a celebrity’s well-being since the network canceled The Judy Garland Show. Putting aside contract disputes involving Carroll O’Connor with All in the Family and Delta Burke with Designing Women, CBS does appear to have some bad karma surrounding its most famous programs.”

Regardless of how Charlie Sheen will ultimately spin his departure from Two and a Half Men, he may help rebrand CBS as the “Celebrity-By-Sickness” network.

Shaman Lawyer Vincent has been combining traditional celebrity and media analyses with shamanic practices to evaluate unknown variables on major productions. For example, the problems with the Spider-Man musical, as previously reported, should be blamed on the bad karma of the Foxwoods Theater just as much as any other production element. After Shaman Lawyer Vincent attended an early December preview of the musical, I Wanna Be On® has been exploring shamanic-oriented talent management services for selected clients.

Similarly, the cause of Charlie Sheen’s recent antics can be blamed on many factors, including some bad karma at CBS. Despite its present entertainment value, Charlie Sheen’s behavior will have a major impact on future network negotiations and network-talent relationships.

Shaman Lawyer Vincent’s thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family for his future success and good health.

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The Self-Help Association of Muckrackers Against Neophytes (S.H.A.M.A.N.) Lawyer was formed in 2006 as an I Wanna Be On® Packaged Personality to help empower individuals to demand commercial standards and practices in the self-help industry.

Shaman Lawyer Vincent Presti has published Career Discernment in 2008 that helps professionals overcome their career dissatisfaction with comedic spiritual insights. Vincent has appeared on Inside Edition to discuss the Arizona sweat lodge tragedies. The New Yorker (March 2, 2009) has also mentioned Shaman Lawyer Vincent in the Talk of Town for his spiritual abilities.


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