Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Blasts Obama's Lack Of Middle East Policy Which Is Allowing Iran To Attack The Saudis & Arabian Peninsula And Your 401-K

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The Wall Street Watchdog continues to warn that Amateur Hour at the US White House comes with great risk to the US, global financial markets, and every US citizen with a 401 K. The group says, "We believe the current unrest in Bahrain, Kuwait, The UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia is in large part funded by the lunatics who currently control Iran, and we are demanding the Obama Administration do something to protect our friends, our allies, and Our National Interests." The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, " with a Biblical type disaster devastating our friends in Japan, or Iran fueling unrest in Saudi Arabia, or in other friendly Arabian Peninsula nations- you'd think President Obama would be focused like a laser beam on these vital issues. In his Saturday March 12th 2011 radio address to the US, Obama did not mention a just devastated Japan one time, or Iran's inspired unrest in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or the Arabian Peninsula - rather his focus was on March being Women's History Month? We don't think America or the world can afford President Obama much longer. Our fear is pretty simple. We think by the time Obama is done - change is all anyone in the US will have left. Don't believe us - take a look at your 401-K in about six months." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

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When will President Transparency deal with Iran's ambitions with respect to the Arabian Peninsula, or get around to leading a great nation, with respect to helping its friends in Japan?

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, "We think the costs of not standing up for our friends and our vital interests in places like Saudi Arabia or our friends the Japanese are enormous. President Obama talks about Women's History month on Saturday March 12th-no mention of Japan, or the Arabian Peninsula under siege from Iran-with quote en quote popular uprisings funded by the Iranian lunatics, who currently oppress their own people?" The group says, "So did President Obama learn from his failure to speak up for the people of Japan, or his continuing failure to say something about an Iranian inspired attack on Sunni Muslim leaders in the Middle East? Actually-no-on Tuesday March 15th as Japan's disaster seemed to be getting worse, and or the Saudi government was attempting to assist its neighbor Bahrain-President Obama spent much of the morning with a TV crew from ESPN elaborating on his ideas about the US NCAA College Basketball Tournament?" They say, "Not to worry President Obama is going overseas again-the problem he's not going to Japan-where an appearance would have great meaning, nor is he visiting government officials in Saudi Arabia about Iran's Spring Offensive against Sunni Muslim Governments on the Arabian Peninsula---no actually he's taking the wife, and kids for a vacation to Brazil-where apparently he is very popular." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog warns, "We do not think President Obama understands the realities of not showing up- when its show up time. We are very worried about a Middle East meltdown, and the costs of the tyrants, who rule Iran taking over, or destabilizing the Arabian Peninsula. If Iran succeeds, and we in Europe, or the US get higher oil prices-kiss the global economic recovery, and or for US citizens, your 401-K goodbye." The group says, "Japan has turned into an amazing friend, and partner. Its been a great collaboration, and in the wake of Japan's horrible misfortune, and need, we have a sitting US President, who talks about women's history month, or focuses his attention on a college basketball tournament? Something is really wrong with this picture!" http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

They say, "Perhaps President Obama cannot understand the real sense of urgency we have for Saudi Arabia's leaders, and the plight of the leaders in places like Bahrain----so we will try to put it in terms of Acorn-a group he has been affiliated with in his past. President Obama----do you recall when Acorn bought a rent a crowd, and had them parade in front of a bank with signs, and in some cases wearing shark outfits, regarding the banks lending practices? The net result was Acorn shook the bank down for millions-remember-----it was Acorn's finest hour." They go onto say, "Well Mr. President this is what Iran is doing to the leaders in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. They are using rent a crowds, bullhorns, all the same tactics of your old pals at Acorn---with one big difference-----they don't want to shake down the leaders of Saudi Arabia------Iran wants to kill them & take over. Iran also wants to build a nuke. None of these things would be very good for the US economy, the global economy, or US citizens in the United States with a 401-K." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, On Wednesday March 16th 2011-the White House issued the statement-Later in the afternoon, the President will accept an award from a coalition of good government groups and transparency advocates? Huh?" The group says, "The Dow also lost 240+ points on March 16th 2011. When will President Transparency deal with Iran's ambitions related to the Arabian Peninsula, or get around to leading a great nation, with respect to helping its friends in Japan? Perhaps these items were not covered in an Acorn handbook, but these are kind of necessary things right now." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com


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