Doctors & Hospitals Countdown IV On PPACA Health Reform Laws – 51% of Doctors Going Broke (TX) & PPACA 911 CPR

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On 03-23-2011, PPACA 1st Birthday, ERISAclaim.Com Announced A PPACA 911 CPR Program, For 51% Of Doctors Going Broke In TX And USA: A 10-Day Self Resuscitation Program, To Read Entire 10 Pages Of Complete PPACA Claims Regulations, And To File Just One (1) PPACA Appeal, As PPACA Appeal Laws Govern All Non-Medicare/Medicaid Claims Denials.

Doctors can save people’s life, only PPACA can doctors’ business life.

On 03-23-2011, PPACA 1st Birthday, announced a PPACA 911 CPR Program, for 51% of doctors going broke in TX and USA: a 10-Day Self Resuscitation Program, to read entire but only 10 pages Of Complete PPACA Claims Regulations in 10 days, and to file just one (1) PPACA Appeal, as PPACA Appeal Laws govern all Non-Medicare/Medicaid claims denials. This PPACA 911 CPR Program is in response to the Congress Report on March 16, 2011 that 39% to 59% Appeals successfully reversed claim denials but only small portion (0.5% in OH) of the claims denials were appealed, and AMA Report on March 4, 2011 that more than 51% Doctors in Texas are going broke primarily due to insurance reimbursement delays and denials. The Congress gave the States $30 million to establish PPACA Consumer Assistance Programs (CAP) to educate consumers and providers on PPACA Claims Regulations and how to file PPACA / ERISA appeals.

“Doctors can save people’s life, only PPACA can doctors’ business life. If a heart attack patient refused CPR, he or she will die, if a doctor refused PPACA, she or he will go broke for sure”, said Dr. Jin Zhou, President of, a national expert in PPACA & ERISA Appeals and Compliance.

PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) legislation was signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010, exactly one year ago TODAY. PPACA Claims and Appeals Regulations went into effect on Sep. 23, 2010, exactly 6 months ago TODAY. PPACA Appeals Regulations govern almost all non-Medicare/Medicaid claims. PPACA Claims Regulations are only 10 page long. Doctors and Hospitals nationwide are completely unaware of this PPACA Providers’ Bill of Rights, according to the Congress (GAO-11-268) Report on March 16, 2011, said Dr. Zhou.

The 10-Day PPACA 911 Self Resuscitation Program from Dr. Jin Zhou of is very simple:

1.    Read one (1) page per day for ten (10) days, the entire ten (10) pages of complete PPACA claims regulations;
2.    File just one (1) PPACA Appeal, strictly in accordance with PPACA/ERISA regulations

You are on your way to PPACA compliance, to avoid going out of business from insurance denials.

Here is exactly how:

1.    Download PPACA Claims and Appeals Regulations, read from page 43354 to 43358, only four (4) pages:
2.    Download ERISA Claims and Appeals Regulations, read from page 70265 to 70271, only six (6) pages:, because PPACA adopted ERISA claim regulation in its entirety as the minimum standards for PPACA internal appeals.
3.    Read 10 Times each day Einstein’s Definition for Insanity: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results", because “reimbursement insanity is doing the same thing of non-PPACA/ERISA over and over again and expecting different results of not being denied or delayed ." said Dr. Zhou.
4.    After 10 days, file just one (1) appeal for your denied claims, strictly consistent with PPACA & ERISA.

After 10 days, if you believe you have an above average IQ, read three (3) Questions and Answers from Department of Labor (DOL) Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) - B2, B3 & C12:

On March 4, 2011, AMA reported that 51% of doctors in TX are going broke: “51% of Texas doctors dug into personal funds to keep practices afloat in 2010”
“More Texas Doctors Dipping Into Personal Reserves To Keep Practices Alive” (

On March 16, 2011, Congress released PPACA mandated GAO Report indicating only a small portion of denials were appealed (0.5% - OH), while 39% to 59% appeals successfully reversed denials, (

On March 18, 2011, DOL, HHS & IRS (Departments) released a new Technical Release No. 2011-01 (, as new PPACA claims regulations enforcement Guidance, ensuring no administrative enforcement extension or delays for PPACA Claims Regulations' effective date on September 23, 2010, except for 3.5 minor new standards, out of 7 new standards, (Standards #2, #5, #7, & #6, such as 24-hour decision-making for urgent care claims, Spanish or Chinese Notices or possible AIDS/HIV diagnosis and abortion treatment on Notices), which are primarily for consumers and practically moot issues for doctors and hospitals, according to Dr. Zhou.

The Congress gave $30 million to the States for PPACA Consumer Assistance Programs (PPACA CAP). Although 34 States claimed to be ready for PPACA CAP as of March 18, 2011 per DOL & HHS, none of the States offered PPACA Claims Regulations education to consumers or healthcare providers. ( is dedicated to offering PPACA Compliance Assistance Program (CAP), exactly as the Congress intended. On March 18, 2011, it announced slate of new services to ensure millions of doctors and about 5,815 hospitals in compliance with new Federal Claims and Appeals Laws as PPACA compliance, to hopefully change that 0.5% appeals rates to at least 50% appeals rates under PAPCA with the same successful rates of 39% to 59% denial reversal as reported by Congress. The services complying with PPACA and ERISA included PPACA / ERISA Appeals Seminars, Overpayment Appeals, Corporate Compliance – Fraud & Abuse Preventions, Out-Of-Network Practice & Reimbursement, Pre-Payment Review Denials & Delays, SIU Denials & Delays – ERISA Pre-Emption, and all denials and delays under PPACA and federal law ERISA.

For more info on’s new services:

For a free PPACA Webinar for your Organization or Institution, please contact Dr. Jin Zhou, President of, at 630-808-7237.


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