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Telco Depot ( is already established in the eyes of the public as a phone systems, VoIP equipment and Conferencing Systems provider. However, people may not be so familiar with its Network products which it provides along with its phone system and VoIP service offerings. Telco Depot has recently expanded its already comprehensive range of network gear to boost support for data and network services, stressing that the underlying network infrastructure which supports a company's telephony services is just as critical to facilitate effective communication and the realization of business goals within any company.

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"One of the problems companies face is finding a phone system provider that can satisfy both their telephony and data needs at the same time"

Telco Depot has announced the expansion of its network gear, including Voip gateways, tools and products range to strengthen support for its data clients and services. Voice and data services are complimentary aspects of business telecommunications, and the company, which has extensive expertise in both telephony and data technology, is poised to become a leading provider of data support services in tandem with its leading position in the provision of small business telephone systems and business VoIP services.

Networking equipment form the underlying infrastructure upon which any company telephony system is built, and since telephony and data are twin services which compliment each other, it is vital that a company ensures that its network and data services are running optimally at any point in time. A key way to ensure the proper functioning of such services is to continually update network components and tools as the company's data and network needs grow, resulting in optimal performance and reduced downtime.

Selecting the best network components for business applications can be a daunting task, depending on the level and quality of know-how possessed by the purchasing party. Networking is a highly technical area, and knowledge is a top requirement since there are so many different choices and models that can be incorporated into a network, but selecting an optimal design usually means selecting the right components - so you either get it right or you don't.

Businesses need to partner with networking professionals to design, configure and install the most optimal networks for their business processes. A key part of this task involves rigorous requirements analysis, and feasibility calculations to ensure that cost and quality are most efficiently managed to produce a final deployment that is not only within the budget proposed, but will also perform as intended.

Most small businesses face problems hiring capable network professionals, because in an attempt to cut costs, they go for individuals who may not have a broader knowledge of networking systems, especially as it applies to the business' telecommunications needs, and may consequently be unable to design optimal networks to support scalable growth in business phone systems needs, and advanced communications services. Additionally, it is interesting to note that such businesses even pay more in the long run because an inefficient network means upgrades or the need to replace unsuitable equipment during periods of growth, implying more unnecessary expenditure that should go towards other key areas.

What is needed is a provider with extensive combined telephony and data experience and expertise which can design, configure and deploy scalable and optimally efficient networks to support scalable telephony requirements and multiple future technology deployments with minimal impact on overall performance of networking infrastructure with complimentary cost reductions over time.

"One of the problems companies face is finding a phone system provider that can satisfy both their telephony and data needs at the same time and is also willing to provide comprehensive pre- and post-sales support, because not only does that save cost and add value for them, it also provides a level of reliability and confidence which is key for growing businesses. Telco Depot is an experienced provider of both phone systems and advanced network solutions, and we have expertise in configuring and deploying networks that help our clients grow while cutting costs and boosting productivity in the long run. Also we cannot overemphasize the importance of a viable networking infrastructure for any business. Your networking infrastructure plays a critical role.”

Without perfect network infrastructure, you won't be able to get even a single phone system to work properly for instance, let alone a company wide phone network or VoIP phones service. So it is critical that you invest in your network just as you would for your phone systems. And at Telco Depot we stock high quality network and data tools to help you maintain your phone system network or internet phone service at optimum performance with drastically reduced downtime, which means more profits and more growth for your business. We bring our extensive experience in both telephony and data services to bear in the selection of our expansive line of telephony and data network products while ensuring that we provide only the highest quality support for our clients before, during and after each sale. We are service people, and it is our priority to continue providing a level of service that is unparalleled anywhere," said a company spokesperson, when asked about the significance of the move to expand the company’s networking tools stock.

Telco Depot remains one of the few telephony systems providers with the know-how to provide thoroughly effective telephony and data products and support services for small businesses looking to increase their productivity and enjoy maximum returns on technology investments while providing value and keeping costs low.

Telco Depot also provides an online ordering system that is easy to use and facilitates purchase of high quality network gear including the latest products added to their line of already impressive Ethernet switches, VPN routers, Wireless Access Points and UPS systems among others. Prospective buyers can visit the networking tools section of their website on or call their customer service lines to learn more about the products.

About Telco Depot
Telco Depot is a leading supplier of quality VoIP phone systems, telephony equipment, installation, and support. The company’s priority is to help its clients make informed decisions based on their specific small business phone system needs by providing experience and expertise and guiding them in selecting the best systems for their businesses. Telco Depot ensures that their phone systems are fully scalable and provide the highest utility. Telco Depot will assist in providing IP Phone Systems, digital telephone systems, Internet phone service, voice and data cabling, Microsoft Response Point Systems, IP surveillance cameras, phone headsets, and Microsoft Response Point Systems.

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