Speed for Geeks and Ease for Technotards with Super Simple Photo Resizer

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Who needs a trillion features when you can have speed and ease? That's Super Simple's new image resizer for Windows, Photo Resizer. Squarely aimed at non-techno-savvy people, Photo Resizer casts off complexity for ease and speed.

Who needs complexity? Certainly not most people, and Super Simple's new free image resizer squarely targets that need with Photo Resizer for Windows. The imaging utility resizes pictures from digital cameras with all the complexity hidden, making it easy for beginners and fast for geeks.

As the name implies, Photo Resizer is an image resizer. However, unlike most imaging utilities, Photo Resizer specializes in pictures from digital cameras and not on the broader category of images, such as illustrations or graphics. Photo Resizer leaves out unused image types and only includes those people actually use, resulting in a simplified and easier to use app for most people.

People that enjoy fiddling with 20 or 30 options to resize pictures will be disappointed; Photo Resizer automatically takes care of settings and only offers 1 option: size. The real-time resizing image preview is controlled by a single "SIZE" slider. Its extreme simplicity makes Photo Resizer ideal for children and computer beginners.

For busy tech-savvy people, the speed Photo Resizer offers is impressive, and lets you be productive with other matters.

When asked about Photo Resizer, the author said, "Photo Resizer came about when my wife asked how to resize pictures from our digital cameras. I'd explained it before, but this time when I went back to look at the UI (user interface), I saw that it really was far too complicated with too many buttons to click and too many incomprehensible options. So I went back to my computer and designed Photo Resizer to let my wife easily resize our pictures for Facebook. I quickly found myself abandoning my usual professional software suite, Photoshop, and using Photo Resizer for photos in forums, my blog, Facebook and email. It was just so fast and easy that I had to share it."

Many digital cameras take pictures that are too large to upload to most Internet sites. Facebook allows images up to 2048 pixels (measured on the diagonal), but by the same measure, most modern digital cameras take pictures that are 5000+ pixels. Typical camera phones take 3000 to 4000 pixel pictures, which are still much too large for Facebook.

Size really matters. Smaller pictures upload faster. A 6.5 MB photo can be reduced to 250 KB which uploads 26x faster. Considering it takes less than 10 seconds to resize a picture with Photo Resizer, time savings are significant even for people with reliable broadband connections.

It is always best to set your digital camera to its highest possible quality because pictures can be easily reduced in size, but cannot be increased without degrading the quality.

Photo Resizer is free software and available at the Super Simple web site, http://www.supersimple.me.

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