National Mortgage Complaint Center Blasts All US Banks for Failing to Give Homeowners Consistent Customer Service on Mortgage Loan Modifications

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The National Mortgage Complaint is blasting all US banks, and mortgage servicing companies for failing to allow all US homeowners wishing to do a loan modification, or attempting to do a loan work out with the opportunity of ever talking to the same bank, or loan servicing department customer service representative twice. This also translates into the bank, or loan servicing company never telling the borrower the same thing twice. The group says, "We currently have about 2 million plus US homes in the foreclosure pipeline for 2011, and we think there are another 2 million that are coming. In many cases because the bank, or mortgage servicing company never really bothered to treat the homeowner with anything close to a consistent customer service approach, or consistent work out plan. The net result is we just get a lot more foreclosures nationwide. How stupid is that?" http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com

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When a desperate US homeowner attempts to call a bank, or loan servicing center, they never get the same customer service representative twice

The National Mortgage Complaint Center is accusing all US banks, and loan servicing companies of really dropping the ball, when it comes to assisting potentially a million plus US homeowners trying to qualify for a loan modification, or a mortgage loan work out. The group says, "When a desperate US homeowner attempts to call a bank, or loan servicing center, they never get the same customer service representative twice, and more often than not they are getting conflicting information. As an example one customer service representative, will tell a homeowner, who has always been current on their mortgage to stop making payments on their loan-in order to qualify for a loan modification? We have literally talked hundreds of consumers, who have been told to stop making their mortgage payments--the problem--the bank representative just instructed the homeowner to blow up their credit score, by missing mortgage payments! How amazingly stupid is that? Then another customer service representative will tell the same borrower--Oh my God you've stopped making mortgage payments-you are now in foreclosure." http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com

The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, "If the national news media is actually interested in this US loan servicing disaster story--just let us know--we will do a press release targeting any US city you want & you can have a little town hall meeting with victims of this nonsense--the only problem--you in the press will need to rent the facility, and its going to need to be really, really big--because you will have tens of thousands of US citizens in any big, or medium sized metro area, who all will have a mortgage loan servicing nightmare story for you. The problem is that vast." http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com

The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, "So how do we fix this loan servicing nightmare for all US homeowners? Actually, we think its kind of simple. When a borrower calls their bank about a mortgage issue, they should be assigned a specific customer service representative, who will provide the consumer with their full name, customer ID, and e-mail address. If its a loan modification, or mortgage work out, this bank, or loan servicing representative will stay with the consumer until whatever the task at hand is accomplished, and the bank rep sends the borrower specific instructions-not this verbal--stop making your payments nonsense." They say, "A huge part of our current US mortgage, or US real estate disaster is a direct result of banks, or loan servicers never providing the borrower with anything in writing, never allowing the homeowner to get an e-mail, or anything in writing, and never getting the same customer service person twice. This needs to stop now, if we ever have any hope of putting the current US real estate disaster in our nations rear view mirror-US banks, as well as loan servicing companies have to do a much better job, and the US Congress needs to stop giving banks money for mortgage bailouts, that are nothing more than an absolute waste of taxpayer money." http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com

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