CrossCore, Inc. Announces the “WAR MACHINE” Suspended Pulley Trainer for Military Purchase Exclusively through GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M

Today CrossCore, Inc. announced immediate availability of the War Machine® Suspended Pulley System for Military and Armed Services around the world and can be purchased exclusively at on GSA contract. The War Machine can also be found on the GSA Advantage website.

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US Military begins phasing in the War Machine as their fitness tool of choice for our troops. The War Machine combines unmatched versatility with USA Made heavy-duty construction for years of wear out in the field.

Duarte, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) April 06, 2011

Today CrossCore, Inc. announced immediate availability of the War Machine® Suspended Pulley System for Military and Armed Services around the world and can be purchased exclusively at on GSA contract. The War Machine® is a portable personal pulley training system that weighs just five pounds and fits into a small bag. The War Machine’s Patent Pending pulley now gives bodyweight training personal added resistance options such as free weight and resistance band in addition to just body weight. The adjustable cam buckle strap allows the War Machine® to be attached to many different anchor points inside and outside. This would include squat racks, pull-up bars, tree limbs, beams, doors, etc. The basic War Machine package includes the War Machine® unit, training manual, basic training DVD. The War Machine Suspended Pulley Trainer is proudly Made In The USA.

How the War Machine® differs from traditional “suspended type”bodyweight trainers
Here is the short list of how the War Machine differs from other trainers on the market:

  •     Patent Pending Pulley System – Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. The War Machine’s locking pulley system is an industry first. The Locked-N-Loaded™ feature allows the user to lock the pulley in place (Static Mode) via the magnetic locking pin for more stability while performing exercises or Open Mode (PULL THE PIN) for more advanced rotational exercises that require balance and more core involvement.
  •     Counter Weight and Resistance Bands – The capabilities of the War Machine® are greatly enhanced with the use of counter weights (dumbbells, weight plates, kettlebells, etc.) and resistance bands. Spacing two War Machine® units approximately eight feet apart allows the user to mimic a cable crossover machine that you’d find in a commercial gym. This is especially valuable for troops that are in isolated areas and do not have access to gym equipment for weeks on end. All this is accomplished through the interchangeable handles and available accessories.
  •     Built In Door Anchor – The War Machine® is the only trainer of its kind to include a built in door anchor. Therefore the user is always prepared for any type of anchor point that is within reach. Traditional “suspended type” trainers have door anchors that are bulky and have to be detached when not in use.
  •     Pull-Ups – Most similar training devices do not allow for one of the most popular exercises of our time to be performed, the pull-up! The War Machine’s locking carabiner system allows for the handles to be locked in place at the top of the pulley housing making it possible to perform exercises such as pull-ups and knee raises.

Who is currently using the War Machine®?
The War Machine® is currently used or endorsed by SWAT, US Armed forces, Royal Marines, UCLA, Professional MMA fighters, collegiate athletes, professional athletes, Hollywood actors, and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. “The War Machine is like similar body weight trainers, but on steroids!” say various purchasing agents within the USMC. One thing all War Machine customers seem to agree on is that its Patent Pending Pulley System catapults it into a whole new dimension of training never before seen with any other product of its kind.

If you’d like more information about the War Machine® by CrossCore, Inc. go to or contact JP Brice at jp(at)crosscore-usa(dot)com. For GSA purchase inquiries please visit

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War Machine Suspended Pulley System with rotational movement for ultimate training and performance. CrossCore War Machine Suspended Pulley Trainer the perfect training tool for Troops indoors and out.

War Machine Suspended Bodyweight Trainer now being implimented into tactical training programs.

War Machine Pulley Trainer for intense core training indoors and out. War Machine Suspended Pulley Trainer

War Machine Suspended Pulley Trainer adopted by US Armed Forces.