Trial by Jury Comes to the Web

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Fast, free and convenient online dispute resolution, with a twist

Truveli offers online a fast, free (with the exception of third party fees), and convenient way get “Trial by Jury’” to resolve disputes. It offers services to resolve disputes over civil rights and discrimination claims, internet purchases, business disputes, disputes over good and services, and many others. Recognizing in particular the increasing growth in ecommerce and other commercial and social transactions around the net and all over the world, with the subsequent increment in disputes over goods and services provided, often between equal parties, Truveli provides an efficient, neutral and multi-cultural approach to resolving conflicts that leverages the power of the social web.

Truveli uses the social networking and collaborative strengths of the Internet to build a system based on the principles and practices of Common Law, and “common sense”. Each case is voluntarily submitted to Truveli by the parties (limited to two for now), arguments and evidence are filed and then reviewed by a panel of jurors. Each outcome is stored for future information about users and to provide a stepping stone for a whole new opensource system of truly global standards. The site soft launched in January 2011, across major social networking platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—with the objective of getting feedback and to start building the jury pool. Having achieved that goal, Truveli is now ready for users to start resolving their disputes right away.

Truveli was developed to meet an identified need in ODR for the typically low transaction values practiced on the Internet. The system can especially be used as an outsource service for e-commerce and SMB so that they do not have to dedicate a disproportionate number of resources to dispute resolution and can focus on their core business. Marketplace sites such as Service Magic, Guru, Ali Baba, Etsy are examples of businesses that can benefit the most from Truveli. Individuals are also invited to use the service.

Truveli can resolve disputes of up to $9000.00 as well as those with no money value. Because Truveli is a voluntary system verdicts are enforced through an escrow system; users can escrow funds or digital goods with Truveli, which will either be transferred or returned depending on the verdict, in complete safety. Distance and jurisdiction are no longer a problem because the solution is entirely web based. All verdicts are extra-judicial and based wholly on what the jurors consider reasonable. To ensure impartiality, both litigants must agree on the five jurors deciding their case, and all the jurors are from regions or countries other than those of the two litigants.

Truveli is a privately held C-corp based in New York City and a great investment opportunity.

“[The] greatest need exists for some process to resolve disputes above the ceiling of small claims courts and below the significant business and governmental cases that form the core of the revenues for civil litigators. It is precisely these cases, often involving disputes between middle-class people (who are also a target demographic for the internet), for which crowdsourced solutions like Truveli may perform a valuable function.”

“…the launch of, the first open source ODR platform, widens the perspective [on the implementation of ODR].” --Virginie Gaquière,

"Crowd-sourced law" -- Denise Howell, This Week in Law


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