Trinity-Noble and VGMTechnologies Partnership Delivers World’s Only Smart Cell Phone Inhibitor to Select Fleet Managers to Stop Distracted Drivers, Reduce Liabilities and Save Lives

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Distracted Driver Solutions that Support OSHA and NHTSA Compliance Standards Now Available to Home Medical Equipment Alliance

The safety issues surrounding distracted driving because of cell phone use are now recognized as work hazard by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and tracked and monitored by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

For fleet-dependent enterprises operating under OSHA and NHTSA guidelines, the combination of cell phones and company-owned vehicles is a double-edged sword. The delivery of improved efficiency and profitability comes with increased risk of liability due to distracted driving. Bridging the gap and protecting the lives of drivers everywhere is the focus of a new distribution partnership between Trinity-Noble—the manufacturer of Guardian Angel Mobile Platform® (GAmp)—and VGMTechnologies (VGMT).

VGMT provides technology and fleet management services for The VGM Group—the largest group of independent home medical equipment providers in North America. Trinity-Noble manufactures products that prevent distracted driving due to mobile phone use.

Trinity-Noble’s GAmp locks the keys of a mobile phone while a vehicle is traveling above certain speeds. This prevents the driver from talking or texting behind the wheel, with the exception of contacting “white-listed” phone numbers such as 911, the office and home. Utilizing proprietary and patented technologies, GAmp is the world’s first and only smart cell phone inhibitor/blocker that can differentiate between a phone being used by the driver and one being used by a passenger and prevents the driver from overriding the application.

“Our VGM home medical equipment members, who deliver and set up expensive health-related products, are dependent upon the driving decisions of their employees,” said Merideth McDonald, VGMT Vice President). “Trinity-Noble’s Guardian Angel Mobile Platform is a natural fit and for the more than 1,800 home health equipment providers we serve. As a trusted provider, they look to us to offer access to dependable, effective technology. Trinity-Noble is setting the bar in stopping cell-phone related distracted drivers, which translates to a tangible return on investment for our members.”

The partnership provides all VGMA Members with access to Trinity-Noble’s GAmp solution and support at a group discounted rate.

“Of course protecting lives by stopping distracted driving is our primary concern,” said Joe Brennen, President and Founder of Trinity-Noble. “But we also recognize the very tangible business benefits that can be realized through reduced insurance rates and liability expenses—the result of taking preventive action. This is especially true with fleet-dependent companies. We are honored that VGMT has entrusted the cell phone safety solutions of its members to Trinity-Noble’s Guardian Angel Mobile Platform.”

About Trinity-Noble, LLC
Trinity-Noble, LLC has been creating and patenting solutions for the prevention of distracted driving since 2001. The company takes the issue of distracted driving due to dangerous cell phone use very seriously and has developed novel solutions to address the issue. Its mobile phone software applications include Guardian Angel Mobile Platform, a cell phone disabler application; Guardian Angel Vehicle Platform, which is only available for use by the U.S. government and approved agencies; and Autolog with Celltection, a cell phone detector. Trinity-Noble is an award-winning company that recently won the Fall Entrepreneurs Expo and Elevator Pitch Olympics presented by the Venture Association New Jersey. Privately-owned, Trinity-Noble is based in Doylestown, Pa. about 30 miles north of Philadelphia. Connect online at:, Facebook, and Twitter.

About VGMTechnologies
VGMT provides technology consulting and cost-effective solutions for members of VGM buying alliances and other business entities. With the goal of helping members maximize profits while minimizing costs, VGM-T provides: Local and Long Distance Telecom Service, Internet Access, Wireless Services, On-hold Messaging, Answering Services, Audio and Video Conferencing, HIPAA-compliant EFaxSolutions , Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Notification and Reminder, Credit Card and Check Processing and more. Connect online at:, Facebook.

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