Bed Bug Prevention a New State of Consciousness

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“Bed bugs are just about everywhere today and as easy to catch as the common cold,” said Adam Greenberg, President of “Whether you’re traveling internationally or across town...

Bed bugs are back and are becoming a global pandemic. These tiny pests have not been a problem for the past 50 years – until now. Most experts say that the ban of DDT and frequent international travel are to blame. However, some experts think there is more to it than that. Before the 1950’s most people had an awareness of bed bugs and took precautionary measures when traveling to destinations where they thought they might encounter bed bugs. They were vigilant about checking their hotel rooms and where they placed their personal belongings, making every attempt not to bring the blood sucking pests home. Today, most people have lost their bed bug consciousness. People now need to develop a new state of bed bug awareness so that we change our behavior and avoid transporting bed bugs from place to place.

“Bed bugs are just about everywhere today and as easy to catch as the common cold,” said Adam Greenberg, President of “Whether you’re traveling internationally or across town, there are many places where you might come in contact with bed bugs. The little vampires might be in your hotel room, on an airplane, in the back seat of your taxi and on your chair in a movie theater. That’s why it’s so important to take extra precautions to ensure that you don’t bring bed bugs home.” offers a fast growing assortment of pesticide-free products to provide peace of mind to those trying to avoid being bitten by bed bugs, as well as those currently battling bed bugs in their home or business. “We can’t let bed bugs take over our lives. With some simple tools and extra vigilance we can both travel with peace of mind and protect our homes from an infestation,” Greenberg said. “One bed bug can multiply into 30,000 in just six months, so early detection is essential and prevention measures should become integrated into how we live and travel.”

Here are five inexpensive tools to help you stay one step ahead of the bed bugs:
1.Bed Bug Beware guide by David Cain ($19.99): First, do some research. Loaded with color photos, expert tips, and costly mistakes to avoid, this book is critical to understanding our new bedroom enemy. Don’t just read it and file it away, rather, share it with all your friends, neighbors and even your children. Kids are especially good at identifying insects.
2.TEKZ 9-LED Compact Flashlight ($6.99): A bright, LED flashlight is an essential tool for anyone to detect bedbugs at home or while traveling. Use this flashlight to inspect for bed bugs, or their tell-tale signs (black spots and cast skins) around bedding, behind headboards, under nightstands or with any bed bug monitor. Be sure to shine light in any crack or crevice, including screw holes, where bed bugs are commonly located.
3.BugZip® Luggage & Clothing Encasements (Starts at $9.99): Zip up your bags and belongings whenever you stay outside your home, preferably with bags like BugZip® that are specially designed to keep bed bugs out. Don’t leave shoes, computers or souvenirs out in the open as bed bugs love to crawl into tiny cracks and crevices in these items. Make sure everything is zipped up when not in use. Protect your belongings while staying at hotels, or even a friend’s or relative’s home, and you will have gone a long way to keeping bed bugs from coming home with you.
4.Box Spring Encasements (Starts at $35): If bed bugs ever get into your home they will want to harbor and lay eggs underneath and inside the box spring. This clever hiding place is why it takes many people months to realize that bed bugs are living in their beds. Zipping up your box spring will force them into other areas where you will spot them much easier.
5.BB Alert Passive Monitor ($19.95): A little bed bug hotel that can detect them in only a few days instead of a few months. Just check the monitor’s white background for little black spots about once a week using the LED flashlight and you will catch bedbugs before they have a chance to multiply. With other traps you will catch many little bugs which may not be bed bugs. The BB Alert Passive Monitor will only show black spots if bed bugs are residing inside. Many people do not react to bed bug bites so these monitors may be the only way to know you are being bitten nightly.

People shouldn’t be paranoid about getting bedbugs. But they need to be aware that there are many places bed bugs may be encountered throughout the day. Being conscious of your surroundings and checking clothing, bedding and furniture will go a long way to protect yourself from falling prey to these bloodsuckers.

At, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those dealing with bed bugs and to prevent further spread of bed bugs throughout the United States while minimizing use of harmful pesticides.

Founded in 2006, is a division of NorthShore Care Supply, an online medical supply retailer. Beginning with selling mattress encasements, the company received numerous inquiries from people desperately looking for other products to detect and prevent bed bugs. As the bed bug infestation in the U.S. has grown rapidly, the company has become the leader in products for dealing with bed bugs in homes, hotels, apartment buildings, colleges and any facility where people sleep. The website is now a fast growing marketplace featuring a wide selection of pesticide-free bed bug prevention and protection products. For more information, visit


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