Father and Daughter Team-Up to Offer the Holigent Solution

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Nicholas Frank and Elisa Frank, a father and daughter team, are announcing the formation of their nonprofit training and project management consultancy. They invite governments, philanthropists, NGOs and forward-thinking individuals to participate in a proposed socioeconomic experiment and demonstration project. Nicholas Frank, born into the Great Depression, is a survivor of the Holocaust, World War II and the escape from communist Hungary in 1956. His father was an attorney and social thinker and the 1930s book manuscript he left behind contains references to his early dream of a united Europe. Elisa, a passionate human-environmental geographer, holds a BA degree from UCLA and an MA degree from UC Santa Barbara. The proposed demonstration project is based on a hybrid philosophy and socioeconomic operating system that is a culmination of over 60 years of work by these three generations of social thinker / innovators. This is a comprehensive systemic / synergetic solution to simultaneously solve the multi-dimensional problems of U.S. competitiveness, energy independence, economic security, and quality of life at a minimal carbon footprint.

The perfect storm is gathering – ultimately more powerful than all the natural and man-made disasters together. It is caused by the tidal wave of wealth receding from the West and moving to the East.

As the tide of wealth recedes from America’s shores it is leaving the U.S. weaker and without the ability to fulfill the stabilizing role it played during the 20th century. In this century, the United States will experience a sharply diminished capacity to drive the global economy, care for the environment and protect global order. The eastward migration of wealth will soon leave a vacuum of world order that no other nation can fill. The global disorder, together with increasing environmental disasters, will affect every individual, rich and poor, in every nation on this planet. The world may slide into a prolonged, perhaps terminal dark age of chaos, war, environmental destruction, human suffering and death on an unimaginable scale.

Nicholas Frank and Elisa Frank, a father and daughter, second and third generation, social thinker / innovator team takes lessons from the past and examines the gathering storm that clouds our future. In view of crippling debt, political gridlock and collective failure to solve urgent and fundamental issues of economy, quality of life and environmental sustainability, this team is proposing a redesign of the way we live, work, commute, consume, maintain and govern ourselves a community at a time.

The Holigent Solution is offering a comprehensive answer to the multi-dimensional challenges the U.S. and the world are facing – a systemic and synergetic solution that considers the interconnected issues of economic security, conservation, energy, health, quality of life, social order, peace and sustainability simultaneously. The proposed solution is based on a hybrid philosophy and socioeconomic operating system to be paired with and tested in a mixed-use, live/work demonstration compact urban village. Its main elements are briefly highlighted as follows.

The hybrid economy retains the best aspects of capitalism in tandem with direct human resource input to generate and retain local value and wealth while participating in the general economy – protecting quality of life in the community from the disruptive events in the global economy.

The main social element of the concept is residents’ participation in teams performing community service for community credit with non-transferable value that they will use to pay a portion of their rent. Participation is contractual initiated by the individual – not unlike entering into a residential lease agreement.

The environment aspect of the arrangement takes into consideration the existential importance of doing the essential most with the least of resources in meaningful pursuit of sustainability. The demonstration community will feature all the most effective green building and living strategies and the hybrid economy and physical layout will secure quality of life at a reduced rate of consumption.

The concept functions as a systemic, synergetic arrangement built on a philosophical foundation that models natural evolutionary self-organization – nature’s building code. It is the only organizational concept we can find in the universe that can successfully overcome the most pervasive and inescapable natural force/process – entropy, nature’s great recycler.

All of the above and other sub-components of the proposed hybrid socioeconomic arrangement are bundled into a three-way agreement between employers, employees and the nonprofit management organization within the demonstration community. The successful model community could then be replicated to expand from local to national project.

The proposed experimental community would demonstrate how America could sharpen its competitive edge, move toward energy independence, economic security, quality of life and sustainability. The program expanded to a national scale could generate millions of construction-related and other jobs and leave a legacy of affordable and sustainable living in beautiful, healthful and secure communities across America.

Governments, institutions, philanthropists, corporations and forward-thinking individuals are encouraged to get involved in this proposed grand socioeconomic experiment to develop and demonstrate lasting solutions for people and our planet.

For more information please visit http://www.holigent.org


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