New Goalrilla DC Basketball Hoops Suspend the Weight of a Car

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New video of a car suspended from two basketball hoops shows the dramatic strength of Goalrilla’s newest basketball product – the DC (Direct Connect).

Two DC Basketball Hoops from Goalrilla proving their strength.

Two DC Basketball Hoops from Goalrilla proving their strength.

Goalrilla is the first to bring this design to market in an adjustable system.

Goalrilla basketball has long claimed to build the toughest basketball systems on the planet. Now, with the introduction of the company’s newest basketball hoop – the DC – Goalrilla is proving its claim again, and in a dramatic way.

In late March of this year, the engineers of Goalrilla basketball hoops devised a demonstration to show the strength of the new DC (Direct Connect) hoop. To prove that the new Goalrilla can withstand 1 ton (2,000 lbs.) of vertical torque, a car was suspended from two DC hoops. A film crew was invited to document the test. First, two fork trucks lifted the car into place where it hung from the Goalrilla hoops. Then, two members of the film crew climbed into the car. Next, two athletes jumped up to hang from the rims. The combined weight of all hanging from the DC hoops totaled 3,856 lbs. The video of this test can be found at

Supporting this amount of weight is impossible with practically all other basketball hoops, especially the adjustable systems. At the very least, the backboards would shatter on competitive systems under this much weight.

The new Goalrilla basketball hoop, however, takes its name – DC – and its peculiar strength from the unique steel cage structure that supports the backboard, and which sets the DC apart from other hoops. The vertical forces on the Goalrilla DC are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 4" steel beam – completely bypassing the backboard glass and its frame. As a result, the DC’s strength rivals any driveway, institutional, or arena basketball hoop that is made today. Most important, a structural design that completely bypasses the backboard and the frame is unique among adjustable basketball systems.

In traditional adjustable goals, the solid support behind the rim is removed to create one of the pivot points through a bolt that allows the board to go up and down. As a result, typical adjustable goals rely on the board frame and the board surface to absorb vertical forces during play. The amount of force the goal can take is limited by the strength of the glass in the board surface. This design is similar to that used by the NBA until a few years ago. It allows the dramatic backboard glass shattering when downward force on the rim surpasses the strength of the glass. This phenomenon helped make the Shaq Attack a household word.

When vertical forces on the Goalrilla DC are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 4" steel beam – this possibility is eliminated. The strength of the basketball hoop is reliant upon the entire steel system, and not only the glass backboard. Goalrilla is the first to bring this design to market in an adjustable system. According to Evan Lederman, Category Manager at Escalade Sports, the parent company of Goalrilla, “the DC is built Goalrilla tough to handle the most brutal play. This is what all Goalrilla hoops are known for. We’re really proud of what the engineers have brought to our new line with the DC.” The DC joins the Goalrilla line of sports training equipment as the strongest driveway basketball hoop that can be found. Because of its dramatic strength, the DC also has a place in institutional settings.

“At Goalrilla, we like to say ‘it takes more to be here’,” says Lederman. “It takes more to be a dedicated athlete, and more to be the type of basketball equipment that can carry the name Goalrilla.” Goalrilla basketball hoops can be found at dealers and sporting goods stores across North America. For a complete listing of where to find a Goalrilla, visit

Escalade Sports manufactures and distributes a full-line of Sporting Goods products including Goalrilla basketball systems and sports training equipment. For more information contact Larry Gajderowicz, Marketing Manager; Escalade Sports 817 Maxwell Ave. Evansville, IN 47711, or call at 812-467-1200.


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