NBC’s Daytime Show Interviews Dr. Barry Sears of Zone Diet About Obesity

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Daytime, the nationally syndicated morning TV talk show, interviewed Dr. Barry Sears about obesity in America. Dr. Sears is creator of the Zone Diet, best-selling author of The Zone and founder of http://www.ZoneDiet.com.

Daytime, the nationally syndicated morning TV show, interviewed Dr. Barry Sears, founder of ZoneDiet.com & best-selling author of The Zone, about obesity in USA.

An underlying cause of obesity is increased inflammation in our bodies due to the typical American diet. The key is to turn off inflammatory genes that make us fat and keep us fat.

Dr. Barry Sears, author of the New York Times #1 best-seller The Zone and creator of the Zone Diet, told NBC-TV’s Daytime Show that America’s obesity problem is due to a proliferation of omega-6 fatty acids from cheap processed foods and vegetable oils, and he outlined how people can lose weight and improve health through better food choices.

“Exercising more and eating less won’t work, especially for people genetically predisposed to gain weight,” he said. “With two-thirds of Americans overweight and one-third obese, for people to lose weight, a better understanding of the foods we eat is required.”

Dr. Sears said the obesity problem is growing into a financial crisis as health-care costs skyrocket due to obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems. Consuming omega-3, from fish or in supplement form, will help get people back in balance.

“An underlying cause of obesity is increased inflammation in our bodies due to the typical American diet. The key is to turn off inflammatory genes that make us fat and keep us fat.” Dr. Sears said. “Processed foods consist mainly of inexpensive refined carbohydrates and cheap vegetable oils. When they combine, they form what I call toxic fat, which makes us fat and keeps us fat.”

Dr. Sears’ most recent book, “Toxic Fat,” identified this major problem in the American diet.

The creator of the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet recommends people replace vegetable oils with olive oil in meals.

“Rather than focus on reducing the fats in the diet, people need to be more selective and avoid troublesome omega 6 fats while seeking the beneficial omega-3 fats to gain balance their diets,” Dr. Sears said.

Daytime’s interview of Dr. Sears is online at http://tinyurl.com/3za6qvk. Daytime is a nationally syndicated morning talk show produced by NBC’s WFLA-TV affiliate in Tampa and broadcast weekdays by 114 TV stations in America.

Dr. Sears has developed a range of food products to make it easy and affordable for people to follow the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet. Products at ZoneDiet.com are a result of new food technology that now allows people to eat the once “forbidden” foods that normally cause people to gain weight, such as breads, pasta and desserts. Each of the new foods developed to his Zone Diet specifications have a ratio of one gram of fat for every two grams of protein and three grams of carbohydrate to satiate and control appetite, thereby decreasing the desire to eat between meals.

A scientist and diet expert, Dr. Sears also advised Daytime Show viewers to include daily generous servings of colorful fruits and vegetables along with portions of protein, such as chicken or salmon, equal to the size of the palm of the hand. He also recommends highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fish oil.

Information about Dr. Sears, Zone Foods and other products of Zone Labs, which is based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, is online at http://www.ZoneDiet.com. Dr. Sears, a scientist and expert on obesity, is a leading authority in anti-inflammatory nutrition. He is the creator of the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet as well as the author of 12 books, including the New York Times #1 best seller “The Zone.” His books have sold more than five million copies and have been translated into 22 languages. Media contact is Brian Dobson at DobsonPR.com or bd (at) dobsonpr (dot) com.


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